The Voice: Eliminations sweep the Playoffs

Team Gwen during the Live Playoffs on The VoiceNight THREE of The Voice this week–are you still with me here?–arrived and crushed eight people’s dreams. BUT, it sustained 12 people’s dreams! Let’s call that a win overall, shall we?

To refresh your collective memories (and retroactively gloat at how well I did in terms of calling who would be sticking around for another week and who would getting the boot), Night 1 was all about Team Blake and Team Adam proving their mettle while Night 2 was devoted to the rookie coaches Gwen and Pharrell’s teams. Now on to the culling of the herds:

Chosen By America (USA! USA!)

Team Blake: Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd
Team Pharrell: Luke Wade, DaNica Shirey
Team Gwen: Taylor John Williams, Anita Antoinette
Team Adam: Damien, Matt McAndrew

Saved By Their Coach

Blake: Jessie Pitts – Shelton has relied heartily on the country-genre voting demo in past seasons, but he bucked the trend to save Jessie. Which is a prime example of why he excels at Voice strategy: he knows when to hold ‘em, knows when to fold ‘em, knows when to pay attention to the iTunes singles.
Pharrell: Sugar Jones – After the insane amount of fuss made of Elyjuh’s performance of “Latch” on Tuesday, Pharrell decided to spite me personally keep Sophia Louise aka Sugar Jones. I can’t tell you what else happened, I was really distracted as soon as Pharrell got up to say goodbye to his two cast-offs as his ass featured a giant gold Addidas logo that baffled me.
Gwen: Ryan Sill – Gwen really recognized in his performance how much Ryan wanted this and she was right to save him. He’s trying desperately to lock down the dreamy dimpled idol space this season. But I think somehow the tween vote for cute boys has swayed over to the slightly off-brand-but-cute-in-his-own-way Taylor John Williams and we’ll see that even more next week.
Adam: Chris Jamison – “Ladies love him, which never hurts.” The veteran judge/coach is no fool. He knows (from first-hand experience) how far a pretty boy can go in this business.

Say So Long To…

Taylor Brashears and James David Carter (Team Blake)
Jean Kelley and Elyjuh René (Team Pharrell)
Bryana Salaz and Ricky Manning (Team Gwen)
Mia Pfirrman and Taylor Phelan (Team Adam)

Bonus Highlights:

1) During the Blinds, Shelton joked that the TSA had his “favourite pocketknife” after Damien revealed his profession. Cut to weeeeeks later, Damien turned up to return it (okay, A pocketknife). Blake bear-hugged him from the comfort of his big red chair, sprinkling Damien’s face with kisses of gratitude while clutching the knife in one hand.

2) Each of the teams performed a group number but it was Team Gwen’s cover of “Riptide” by Vance Joy – complete with tambourines – that gets top honours and praise. They genuinely felt like a real group, with perfect dynamic chemistry and strong harmonizing skills. Can I download this cover and keep them all together as the indie version of S Club?

What did you guys think? Happy? Sad? Mildly interested? Sound off below!