Vagrant Queen Recap: Never Touch the Goo

VAGRANT QUEEN -- "Rocket Science" Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) Adriyan Rae as Elida, Tim Rozon as Isaac, Alex McGregor as Amae -- (Photo by: Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)
Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY

Welcome back after a week off and a slight scheduling change, Vagrants! I’m thrilled to see you! Let’s keep reminding the powers that be how much we love our show, huh? 

Previously on Vagrant Queen, Elida and the Space Friends were captured by a group of Arriopan loyalists (including her former mentor Hath) in an attempt to convince them to help save Elida’s mother from where she’s being held. Isaac and Amae spent some quality time together while fighting off some incredibly large “rodents.” And Elida eventually decided to help, but only if they followed her plan which involved enlisting a freight smuggler named Clive. 

We pick up this week with Elida walking the team through her plan to get through a force field and into Republic Space. It’s a bit more than just getting them to agree though, because they’re not super convinced they can even trust Clive. But not to worry, Elida vouches for him because he owes her after she helped him steal some food. Back to the plan though! Elida spent an hour working on a model of the port before realizing Winnibot could do the same thing but with a holograph. The plan is for Team A to go in the front door while Team B (the ones who are wanted by the Republic) will disguise themselves as port workers, jump off the ship, and head in through the employee entrance. They’ve got 1 hour for their mission and they just need to not get blown up. Easy peasy!

On Lazaro’s ship, he receives a call from the Admirals who want to know why it’s taking him so long to get back to Arriopa. He informs them that he has a new lead about Elida’s location. They reluctantly allow him to continue, but not before warning him that if he fails again, he’s going to be stripped of his title. 

Back on the Winnipeg, Elida and Amae are rocking their port worker outfits and are just about ready to go. While Amae explains some engineering thing she did, Elida exhibits about the same amount of chill I have (spoiler: it’s none) and nearly swoons right out of her chair. Before Elida can recover, Amae shoots a compliment her way and says something about teamwork before asking if Elida’s feeling okay since once they enter Republic Space, Elida will be closer to seeing her mom again. Elida responds that she’s fine and likes to focus on what’s in front of her. Amae reassures Elida that no matter what, they’ll get through this together, and then I died. But actually what happens is Hath interrupts them to talk to Elida yet again about still fighting for her people even if she doesn’t want to be their Queen. 

Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY

We’ve made it to Port Station 233 (and are reminded this isn’t our galaxy)! Amae is pacing the Winnipeg and audibly working on her port worker character backstory and honestly, this is the kind of energy I need to bring to every single D&D game I play going forward. She is READY to get into character. Isaac, however, is more of an improv guy. This tracks. Our friends make it out of the ship and land less than gracefully on the port station and beyond the bio scanners. As they head through the employee entrance toward the security desk, we’re treated to a SLOW MOTION HERO WALK before they realize the guard isn’t there. They’re going to need to hack the touchpad the old fashioned way. And by “they”, I mean Amae. Amae is going to hack the touchpad because OF COURSE…while Isaac impatiently looks on. 

Meanwhile, the B team is making their way through space TSA. Clive is able to skip through thanks to, I guess, the equivalent of pre-check, while the others wait in line as less frequent travelers guzzle down liquids they know very well wouldn’t make it through the security screening. 

Just as Elida starts to ask Amae if she’s any closer to cracking the touchpad, Amae gets them in. The banter between these two is SO cute this entire episode, and this exchange was no different. They make it through the door just as the security guard gets back, but before long they’re stopped by a security roomba that very loudly announces them as intruders. 

Clive’s doing a deal in the canteen just as an announcement blares about a Code Indigo. So you know that one guy in almost every emergency or abnormal situation who talks way too much about how much he’s going to be inconvenienced? The male Karen, basically. Well while everyone else starts to mosey, that guy finds himself complaining right in the path of Clive. Clive can only take it so long before he’s had enough and strangles him with his tentacles. I can’t believe that’s a sentence I just wrote…

Anywho, back to our crew! They get stopped by a guard and engage in a firefight which LEADS TO AMAE AND ELIDA ENDING UP FACE TO FACE IN A CORNER STARING AT EACH OTHER TALKING ABOUT SAVING EACH OTHER’S LIVES. I don’t know what happened, I blacked out. I came to just as Isaac fell through a grate and Hath tried to convince Elida to leave him and just keep going. Hath insists that “he’s gone” but that seems a bit premature though, buddy. 

On Lazaro’s ship, one of his guards tells him that Isaac has been captured, so Lazaro starts to make his way to Port 233. 

Now that Elida, Amae, and Hath are out of harm’s way for the time being, they try to contact Isaac but to no avail. You know who is answering their comms though? Winnibot! Not only is she answering, but she’s also whispering because she adjusted her volume for situational context and whew, do I love that robot. Elida tries to convince Hath and Amae to leave her while she finds Isaac, but Amae isn’t hearing it. It was so sweet to see the tables turned a bit. Usually it’s Elida trying to convince Amae not to go running off alone. Hath is still anti-Isaac and doesn’t understand why Elida is risking everything for the person who got her caught. 

Meanwhile at Space TSA, more hilarity ensues with the B team badly pretending to be a security team in an effort to get through. This reminded me of every time I cross the Canadian border, I get so nervous when they ask what I’m there for. And then I say something super normal like “a live murder podcast!” or “a fan convention for a TV show!” and they barely bat an eye. All I’m saying is, play it a little cooler, B team. 

Amae heads off to find a power console so she can shut down power to certain parts of the port, but she’s met by a tech who is not even a little bit convinced that she’s supposed to be there. Instead of delving into her extremely well-crafted backstory, Amae knocks the tech out and heads to complete her task. Now that’s more like me playing D&D. What backstory? Let’s get shit done! 

Lazaro has made his way to Port 233 and down to the cells where Isaac is being held, where he tries to get Isaac to trade more secrets in exchange for getting him back to Earth. Isaac isn’t biting though. What he does share, is a hilarious lie that he and his friends are headed to join a rock band called Starburst 5000. Lazaro is less than amused. The next time we see them, Lazaro promises that Isaac is going to watch his friends suffer. 

Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY

Hath still isn’t giving up on talking to Elida about her destiny, even though she’s tired of listening. He reminds her that her destiny is one that’s been divined upon her and that she shouldn’t be putting Isaac’s life above that of her mother. Elida explains to him that one divine lesson she’s glad she never learned is the one where her life is more valuable just because she’s queen. The entire reason she’s been running is because of her blood, and while she’s not responsible for those who drove her out of her room, she is responsible for Isaac and Amae because they’re putting their lives on the line for her. Amae overhears this and her face softens. 

Speaking of Amae, she’s fixed the problem! Elida aaaalmost tells her to be careful, but instead they have a cute exchange where Elida tries to cover it by telling Amae to be herself. Hath once again tries to get Elida to go back to the ship instead of saving Isaac, but she refuses to leave him. 

While Amae tries to find a way out, Elida draws a few guards toward her and Hath, directs them to the glowy pink orb, shoots it, and before they know it, there’s goo everywhere! Elida’s been working on her one-liners because she hits them with a “who’s the goober now?”, much to Hath’s chagrin. 

Once Amae makes her way through the vents, she bumps into some people who work in Accounting and are just furious that no one ever tells them what’s going on. In an attempt to win their favor, Amae tells them there are fugitives on the run and in turn, they tell her how to get out. 

Meanwhile, Elida does her version of Loki and Thor’s “get help!” and she and Hath get by a group of guards to finally find the cell where Isaac is. They find him beaten and bloodied by Lazaro. The two carry Isaac out and continue to fight off more guards.

Just as the B team is wondering where the A team is, they come bursting through the doors and thus begins one of the most epic action scenes I’ve seen on SYFY! It had everything: lasers, blasters, goo, roundhouse kicks, fists to the face, freeze frames! It was incredible! 

Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY

Amae manages to sneak onto the Winnipeg and call her team who tells her that they’ve got Isaac and are on their way. Meanwhile, Clive gets caught and shot dead (!!!) by Lazaro, but not before Clive goos him. 

As the rest of the team makes their way out, Ihred sacrifices herself so her queen would be saved. I honestly did not expect to be as emotional as I was about that moment, but here we are.

Marco Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY

Once they’re back safely on the Winnipeg, our crew assesses their injuries and plans their next move. Elida is pensively staring out the window and Amae reads her mind, explaining that she too imagines what she would say if she ever got to see her mom again. Elida asks for advice, so Amae says she would tell her mom about something she ate or an interesting person she met (eyebrow waggle at Elida), or just something new happening with Chaz. Amae realizes that she’s been making Elida’s reunion about her, but Elida reassures her that it’s actually helping. Elida thanks Amae, but Amae refuses, saying that she’s glad to be there AND THEN THEY HOLD HANDS!! Isaac Interuptus comes in to ruin the moment when suddenly the ship is forcefully jolted. They’re flying through a bunch of debris that Winnibot hadn’t foreseen. After strapping themselves in with duct tape, the crew crash lands on a planet that is home to (at least) a very cute bunny-type creature. 

What did you think of this episode? It reminded me of a dungeon crawl adventure, but that’s probably because I’ve been playing a lot of D&D in this quarantine. 🙂 


I can’t wait to see what our team gets up to next week. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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