Vagrant Queen Recap: MacGayBar?


Welcome back, Vagrants! We made it to another Friday night of space shenanigans with our new favorite group of unlikely friends! With each episode, it’s so clear how much fun this cast is having with each other, and their comedic timing somehow keeps getting better? I had a blast during this episode, so let’s dive right in, shall we?

Previously on Vagrant Queen, Isaac, Elida, and Amae landed on another planet (that’s definitely not in our galaxy) looking for fuel but finding a whole lot of trouble. They were captured and ended up having to karaoke for their lives! We were also treated to a series of flashbacks of how Isaac and Elida met and eventually split. Nim was alive…for a few minutes before sacrificing himself, and we were introduced to a robot maid who captured Amae’s heart.

And that’s where we pick up this week, with our crew back on the Winnipeg, and Amae gushing over their new R2D2-like friend who she has aptly named Winnie-Bot. Winnie wastes no time getting acclimated to her new life by hilariously listing off every single thing wrong with the ship, as you do. 

The crew lands on Planet Qualla to refuel. While her friends explore Space 7-11, Amae regales the emo gas station attendant (IMDB’s description, not mine) with their tale despite his very apparent disinterest and it’s all just so cute and endearing and gosh, I love Amae so much! 


Inside, the trio discusses their plans for how to rescue Elida’s mother, Xevelyn, from the Planet Wix while Amae adorably freaks out over a space slurpee called Fro-g’uu. Elida barely has time to enjoy her first (!!) Fro-g’uu, or snark at Isaac for mocking her with the world’s smallest violin, before they’re getting shot at and eventually taken by Ihred and Dengar, those royal sympathizers from the pilot. There’s a wonderful bit of physical comedy when Ihred attempts to purchase some snacks as an apology for shooting up the store, and it was just too good not to mention.

It’s time for a flashback and oh my crackers young Queen Eldaya is so cute! I would say “must protec™,” but this young queen seems to have things figured out better than the adults around her. We meet her at what appears to be her coronation ceremony. Immediately after she’s crowned Eldaya the 23rd, the governor of Pallas steps up to implore the queen to allow them to reallocate some of their resources to agriculture so their people could have enough food. Before Eldaya can respond, the woman is whisked away so they can have this conversation at another time. 

It appears Elida’s insistence on a practical wardrobe began way back when she was still Eldaya because this tiny royal decrees that queens can wear pants AND that she doesn’t wear shoes she can’t run in. Tell em, girl! After the ceremony, Eldaya’s mother explains the delicate balance that must be struck when one is in charge, but I mean, if they took Eldaya’s suggestion and temporarily reallocated some resources then maybe the people would have the required sustenance to increase their mining production but WHAT DO I KNOW?!


Back on Planet Kestallan, Elida is still knocked out because the Arriopans increased the level of the tranq since Elida woke up too quickly the last time they tranqed her. Way harsh, Tai! One of my favorite things about our Space Friends is that even though they’ve been together for a short time (at least as a trio), they listen to and respect one another. When talking about their queen, Hath calls her “Eldaya” and before he can finish his sentence, Amae jumps in and corrects him with “Elida.” We’ve already seen how important it is to Elida that she maintain the sense of identity she’s created for herself, and her friends (because that’s what they’re becoming) make sure that everyone knows that Elida is the one who gets to define who she is. 

Elida wakes up with a killer headache in an unfamiliar setting, so her instinct is of course to attack the first guard she sees. Meanwhile, Isaac is regaling folks with mostly untrue stories of how he taught Elida everything she knows, and Amae is flirting with a woman in uniform. And listen, I’m on the Elida/Amae endgame ship, but I am also all for Amae gettin’ it in. The Arriopans beg Isaac to show them the moves he taught Elida and reader, hilarity ensued. Tim Rozon, you are an absolute gem! Once Elida realizes Isaac isn’t actually in danger and she lays eyes on Hath, she immediately relaxes. Amae volunteers to look for ship parts in an abandoned mining town, but Elida is reluctant to let her go alone. Amae reminds her that she can take care of herself and Elida is immediately apologetic and worried that she offended Amae. Before Isaac and Amae set off, Isaac is given an alarm of sorts that will help fend off any rodents they encounter but in true Isaac fashion, he thinks he’s being played so he leaves it behind.


In the first of many of these conversations in this episode, Hath attempts to convince Elida that after rescuing her mother, she should do her duty and assume the throne once again. Elida isn’t having it though. You know what she is having? More regret over what she said to Amae. Y’all, the way her face softens when she’s talking about Amae?!?! I almost can’t handle it. 

Isaac and Amae get to spend the bulk of the episode together and their scenes are an absolute joy to behold. When they get to the mining town, Amae is reminded of the final days of her planet because of its emptiness. She was about 5 years old when she had to leave home, which reminds Isaac that his child would be around that age now. He knows nothing about this child, who they look like, whose personality they have, or even what kind of trouble they’ve gotten into. Amae sweetly says she hopes the kid has Isaac’s sense of humor.

As cute as these two are together, I really hope they learn how to watch each other’s six because as they walk away, we see a dementor-like creature emerge from behind them. Turns out, the “rodents” Isaac was warned about are large and they are plentiful. Before Isaac and Amae can fully express their joy upon finding the mechanics shop (“three crackers!” for Amae, and “Bingo!” for Isaac), they’re attacked by the rodents so they barricade themselves in the nearest building. They eventually find their way onto the roof where they bond some more over Isaac’s relationship and Amae’s lack of interest in one because hey, she just loves people! And even though Elida might appear to be the opposite, she chose the two of them, so maybe she doesn’t hate everyone. The two soon realize that they can use Winnie-Bot to get Peggy to fly them out of there, so Winnie starts the trek to them as fast as her conveyor belt legs can carry her (which isn’t very fast at all…). While Isaac and Amae wait, the rodents breach the roof and the two need to “One Jump Ahead” themselves over to the next building. Isaac is so impressed by Amae’s ingenuity that he calls her “MacGyver” which she interprets as “MacGayBar” and sorry MacGyver, that’s your name now. 


Meanwhile, the Arriopans continue to try to convince Elida to assume the throne once more. She was only 10 years old when Arriopa was attacked, and they think she deserves a real shot at ruling, though they don’t seem to care what the queen they care about so much actually wants. In another flashback, Xevelyn explains to Eldaya why it has to be her (and not their super talented chef) that must be Queen. It all goes back to something called the Sterzaad which gave its owner the ability to control minds. The power of the Sterzaad grew and kings and queens began to take advantage of their people, until Eldaya’s ancestors decided that rather than rule as gods, they would rule as just leaders. 

In the present, Hath and the generals are insistent on attacking the Republic outright, but Elida refuses to start a war with her mother’s life on the line. So she comes up with her own plan. One that will first take her and Hath to a planet called Wreckoor. 

Which brings us back to Isaac and Amae who are waiting on the arrival of Winnie-Bot. Amae finds a bunch of parts that they don’t need but gosh darn she wants anyway. Winnie finds them, they have a hilarious misunderstanding about Isaac’s middle name being “diversion”, and Isaac hops in a jeep to distract the rodents. All is going according to plan until Amae realizes Peggy is out of range, which means Elida has taken the ship.

On Wreckoor, Hath and Elida meet up with her “friend” Clive, who makes trips into Republic space all the time. They call up Hath and the generals and tell them Clive is their ticket into saving her mother. If they want her help, they’re doing it her way and they’re sneaking in. 

Isaac and Amae finally fight off the rodents thanks to Winnie-Bot’s high-pitched frequency, and Isaac teaches Amae how to high-five and I know I keep saying this, but IT WAS ADORABLE OKAY!


Back at camp, Elida and Amae recount their days to each other around the campfire. Elida uses this opportunity to let Amae know that part of the reason Peggy has been great is because Amae is a great pilot. They talk about how weird it must be for Elida to be around her people while not really being one of them, and that there are things Elida wishes she could tell her younger self. Elida always has her guard up, at least until it comes to Amae. She opens up to her in a way we haven’t really seen yet and the way Adriyan makes subtle acting choices to indicate Elida’s vulnerability with Amae is truly beautiful. Unfortunately, before Elida can open up anymore, Amae spots the woman she was flirting with earlier and takes her to bed.

Before bed, Isaac overhears Hath and the generals talking about Elida’s plan and even though they’re going through with it, the most important thing is that they retrieve the Sterzaad no matter what. *eyeball emoji*

In a very interesting flashback to the night their castle was attacked, Xevelyn shuts down Eldaya’s wish to talk to her people and reason with them by telling her that to them, she’s just an incompetent child; not a queen. Earlier in the episode we saw Xevelyn attempt to teach Eldaya what it means to rule, but this attitude is in such stark contrast to her previous tones, so I’m interested to see what caused that change. 

Back on Peggy (hehe), our trio is joined by Hath and a few other Arriopans for their journey to meet with Clive. 

The episode closes with one of Clive’s henchpeople coming aboard Lazaro’s ship to inform him that he knows exactly where the queen is and what her next move is going to be.

What did you all think of Episode 3? So much happened, we met new characters, and our cast just keeps bringing it harder! The show so far has been so fast-paced, so it was nice to have an episode with a few softer and more emotional moments. In a not so shocking twist, I can’t wait to see how Elida’s feelings for Amae develop and if Amae reciprocates. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments and I hope to continue this conversation on Twitter. Until next time, Vagrants!


Vagrant Queen airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY and Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Citytv.