Vagrant Queen Recap: Do You See What I See?


Last episode sure was an emotional doozy, wasn’t it, Vagrants? I can’t imagine falling in love with a new show that didn’t break my heart juuuust a tiny bit though, so welcome to the fold, show! Lots of people likened last week’s episode to the movie Tremors so I’ll be adding that and Clue (before Episode 8, I’m told!) to my watchlist! 

Previously on Vagrant Queen, our team of six space adventurers became three as the crew explored Wix looking for Elida’s mother. Not only did they not find her, but they discovered multiple betrayals along the way: both Hath and Isaac hid their true motives from the former Queen, and once revealed, the two lost the trust of the person they thought they were saving. By the time Isaac, Elida, and Amae escaped the tomb, Hath, Dengar, and Krob are all dead, and Elida starts to deal with how alone she feels. 

That’s where we start this episode, Elida alone in the desert of Wix, holding her mother’s necklace and mourning her all over again. She eventually buries the necklace like she’s some kind of Skywalker, while Amae chastises Isaac for not telling them about his plan sooner. Amae knows exactly how important family (found and blood) is, and while it doesn’t excuse Isaac’s actions, she does understand his reasons for doing it. Amae gives Isaac some incredibly sound advice about taking his time repairing his relationship with Elida; advice he ignores literally five seconds later when he tries to run after her to talk yet again.


Amae has an easier time getting through to Elida, but only slightly. Amae barely points Elida in the correct direction of the ship, before Elida is back on her “you’re better off without me” bullshit (I mean this in the most loving way possible). As the two head to the Winnipeg, we see two very large, very people-sized insect-looking creatures and reader, I do. not. like.

On Lazaro’s ship, he’s testing out the Sterzaad’s mind-control powers by forcing a crew member to silently dig around in their OWN BODY for a kidney. This is new levels of villainy and maybe it’s my misandry showing, but watching a man forcibly control other beings feels extra gross.

Back on Planet Wix, the crew blasts their way through the desert until they find the Winnipeg smoking in the distance. Once on board, they receive a less than stellar status update from Winnibot: they’re missing a ton of integral ship parts. Elida immediately volunteers to go back out to find the parts and because he can’t seem to leave well enough alone, Isaac goes with her. Amae stays behind to work on ship repairs and to contact the remaining loyalists about their recently fallen comrades. Before Isaac and Elida head off, Isaac tries again to apologize but Elida is at the end of her rope and she does that thing where she finds the one nerve she knows will gnaw at her former friend. She tells Isaac that maybe his wife and his child are better off without him; that whatever life they’re living, it’s theirs alone. Elida cut to Isaac’s core and all he can do is stand there and cry while Amae silently watches on.

As Elida combs the desert for the Winnipeg’s missing parts, she’s attacked by some kind of flying insect that ends up stinging her and knocking her out. One of the creatures from earlier, which looks like a person-sized version of what stung her, drags her off. Meanwhile, Isaac sees one of the insects buzzing around him, but manages to smack it right out of the air before it could sting him.


Back on the ship, Amae is trying to make some repairs but is greeted with endless duct tape for her troubles. With every passing week, my love for Amae somehow continues to grow and this next conversation she has with Winniebot is exactly why. With no one to talk to on the ship, Amae sidles up to Winnibot and expresses deep concern over the situation with Isaac and Elida. She’s feeling pretty helpless because Elida isn’t used to being helped in the way Amae is offering, plus she knows they’ll eventually have to go after Lazaro, but she doesn’t want to be inconsiderate of Elida’s feelings even though time really isn’t on their side right now! *deep breath* Luckily, Winnibot activated her empathic listening mode and was just the “ear” that Amae needed.

Elida is alone in the desert and starting to feel the effects of the poison coursing through her body. Everything is blurry and wobbly, but she still manages to kill the creature with her blaster. As she looks down at her hands, Elida watches as the skin appears to melt away from the bones, and she starts to run. 

On Planet Arriopa, the council of admirals is in the middle of a massive feast when they learn that Lazaro has finally arrived. Admiral Kavar wants to personally greet Lazaro himself, and by personally, he means he wants to yell and scream at him about his actions since he’s gone rogue. Strangely though, Lazaro is less than affected by Kavar’s chastising–he’s very loudly humming a song he’s come up with called “Requiem for Republic.” Kavar tries to have Lazaro arrested, but he soon realizes that the guards are under Lazaro’s control and now, so is he. Lazaro uses this control to send Kavar jauntily back to the room of admirals where he announces Lazaro as their new leader. Admiral Rykal tries to speak, but Lazaro uses the power of the Sterzaad to silence her. 

Meanwhile, Isaac gets back to the Winnipeg and Amae’s first question to him is how Elida’s doing. The two realize that she’s still out there alone. Not only is she alone, but Elida’s hallucinations are getting worse. She hears Amae calling out to her and starts to move closer and closer to the (super romantic) image of the woman she cares so deeply about (don’t @ me, you know it’s true). Her movement takes her right to the edge of a cliff where she’s saved by who she thinks is Lazaro but is actually Isaac. Elida tries to fight him off before passing out in his arms. 


Back on the ship, Amae gets the comms up and running and calls Chaz to bring him up to speed on her space adventures. She warns him to get of Xija and in turn, he asks her to get out of Republic space as soon as possible. Much like Isaac, Chaz believes that Amae needs to look out for herself. But that’s not Amae’s MO. Everything that’s happening right now with the Republic and Elida and Lazaro? It’s bigger than just Amae and she needs to be part of the solution. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Amae? Because it’s A LOT. While this conversation is happening, we see that one of those person-sized insects snuck onto the ship and eluded Winnibot’s scanners. For now, at least. 

Isaac is slowly pulling Elida toward their ship as she continues to hallucinate Lazaro. The series of hallucinations that Elida experiences throughout the episode illustrate the things she fears most. During this one, Lazaro asks Elida “Who are you if I’m not hunting you?” For as long as she can remember, Elida has been running away from the life she knew — a life that was taken away from her thanks to Lazaro. She made decisions that led her to this point, but even deciding to become a scavenger was driven by her need to stay hidden from the Republic. If she’s no longer the galaxy’s most wanted and she also doesn’t want to be Arriopa’s queen, Elida will be faced with who she is deep down and I think that proposition terrifies her. 

The next time we see Elida, she’s hallucinating Hath and watching him being squeezed to death. She’s so distraught that she exclaims that she forgives him, but Hallucina-Hath (Hath-ucination?) tells her he won’t forgive Elida for giving up the Sterzaad. In Lucid Land, more of the large creatures come toward Isaac and Elida, capture them, and bring them to a cage in their underground lair.

Lazaro apparently hasn’t run out of villain monologues because he’s going on about how unfair his life has been and that going forward the council will no longer be necessary. Though, he will need to fill the position of his right-hand person, so to decide the lucky winner, the council will fight each other to the death until there’s one “winner” remaining. What ensues is a battle of epic proportions and arguably the best mannequin challenge all season! The beauty, truly. Rykal ends up defeating Kavar, but Lazaro keeps her in “silent mode” as she helplessly surveys the damage she’s done.

Back in the cave, Elida is hiding from Isaac in a corner when one of the creatures starts to drag her out. Isaac accidentally drops the flashlight that Winnibot gave him and as soon as he sees the effect it has on the creatures, he uses it to get them out of there. 


On the ship, Amae discovers the creature that snuck onto the ship is messing with her very organized things. She adorably orders it to drop it and it actually works. Before the creature can attack Amae though, Winnibot hits it with a low jolt of electricity. The jolt isn’t enough to kill the creature, so Amae’s going to have to finish it off. Winnie very darkly suggests that Amae use one of the creatures own arms to pierce its skull. Before Amae follows through on an act that will undoubtedly haunt her, Isaac blasts the creature as he stumbles into the ship with Elida in tow. Winnibot identifies Elida’s condition and notes that she’s in the final stages of the venom effects. 

As the Winnipeg begins its journey to Carillo, Isaac and Amae have another heart-to-heart. Thanks to the engine rumbles, Elida is fast asleep; being lulled to sleep by engines is one thing Elida and Amae have in common. For Isaac though, it was fall rainstorms that had that effect on him. As Isaac reminisces about his time on Earth, Amae reassures him that Elida didn’t mean what she said earlier about his family. Isaac disagrees; she meant it and she’s probably right. Just because he might not get back to Earth, Amae reminds Isaac, doesn’t mean he’s lost home. 

Meanwhile, Elida has one last hallucination: her mother appears next to her in her bed. Elida begs for her mother to stay and tells her that she’ll be safe here with her and her friends. Mother Elida warns her daughter that those she believes to be loyal will actually be the ones to kill her. All of a sudden, they see the green light of the blaster that took Mother Elida’s life and Elida pleads with her to move. Her mom is like “okay but, you literally just asked me to stay though” and the Elida is forced to watch her mother die in front of her again. The last words Elida hears are her mother saying “You’ve already lost everything. You’re free.” 

Back on Arriopa, Lazaro is frustratedly going through text after text looking for more information about the Sterzaad’s powers. 

When Elida finally wakes up, she has what I can only imagine to be a massive poison hangover. Winnibot tells her that they’ve reached Carillo and that Isaac and Amae are at a local market. Before heading out, Elida gives Winnibot a “goodbye” that feels a bit too final for my liking. 


You know the scene in Thor: Ragnarok when everyone is in the streets celebrating The Hulk? Carillo looks just like that except everything is yellow instead of green. There are balloons and bubbles floating everywhere, and Isaac is trying to explain the taste of chocolate to Amae. When Elida finds them, she thanks Amae for looking after her, even though Amae tells her it was Isaac (currently looking at them with the biggest puppy dog eyes) who did it. Amae begins to run through the next steps in their plan, but Elida stops her short saying that she doesn’t intend to stay with them. She apologizes again for dragging Amae into this, and again Amae explains her autonomy in this entire situation. They argue some more with Elida insisting they sell the ship and Amae instead offering to buy Isaac and Elida out of their share so she can keep the Winnipeg. Elida is so beaten down at this point that she just looks at Amae and says “we’re done.” And the look on Amae’s face!! My heart! It breaks! 

Elida is tired and done being mad. Her mother taught her better than to be a fool and she won’t be that person anymore. As they make their way to the ship to gather their belongings and transfer ownership, they’re greeted by an empty ship parking spot? The Winnipeg is gone and our friends are stuck on Carillo with no way to leave. 


What did you think of this week’s episode? I knew Elida would have a tough time after facing multiple betrayals last week, but I couldn’t have predicted the emotional attacks levied at her via hallucinations! Now that Elida’s forced to stay with Amae and Isaac a bit longer, I can’t wait to see how long it takes Amae to convince her to stay longer. 


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Vagrant Queen airs Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY and Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Citytv.