Once Upon A Time: Sisterly Love


Sunday night’s “The Snow Queen” episode of Once Upon a Time finally shed some light on what really happened between the mysterious sisters of Arendelle–and oh boy, it was darker than I imagined.

After discovering Ingrid’s powers during their childhood, the three sisters banded together and promised to always be there for each other. With time, Ingrid became increasingly fearful of her powers and withdrew into her shell–similar to Elsa’s behaviour in the feature film Frozen. She wanted her sisters to live a normal life and believed the only way that would be possible was if she left. However, her sister Gerda revealed that a wizard named Rumpelstiltskin had the power to help her.

Upon meeting with Rumpelstiltskin and explaining her predicament, Ingrid was faced with two options: he gave her gloves that would neutralize her powers and an urn that would remove them entirely. Of course this came at a price, and the sisters had to part with the ribbons they wore on their wrists–ribbons that were symbols of their pact from long ago.

Despite Rumpel’s gifts, a situation involving Ingrid’s suitor took a turn for the worse. A shot of ice directed at the Duke of Weselton hit Helga in the chest and turned her to ice. I thought this was going to be a Frozen situation that a moment of true love between sisters would repair–unfortunately that was not the case. Helga shattered into a million pieces before our very eyes. Their sister Gerda discovered what happened and used the urn to trap Ingrid. It was also Gerda that went to the rock trolls and had them erase everyone’s memories of Helga and Ingrid.

Well now I definitely understand why Ingrid is so against the idea of familial blood relations–one fatal accident caused her very own family to turn against her. So much for being there for each other forever. Due to this betrayal, Ingrid has become intent on creating her own family with Emma and Elsa, both of whom struggle with their own magic and she believes to be just like her.

However, “The Snow Queen” was the first episode where we ever really saw Emma lose control. Up until now, Emma has barely been able to use her magic, let alone lose control of it. Despite Emma’s insistence that her family loved her for who she is (with or without magic), Ingrid managed to place some doubt in Emma’s mind. By getting under her skin, Emma lost control and blew a hole through the sheriff’s station, also causing Ingrid to escape from her clutches.

Although Emma warned her loved ones to stay back, they rushed to her side. In the process, a lamppost came crashing to the ground and nearly took out Hook and David (but seriously, David pushing Hook out of the way was adorable; gotta love their bromance). The look of fear on her family’s faces caused Emma to run away and hide.

Mary Margaret claimed they had failed Emma, but based on the episode, I think that she was the only one to really fail Emma. Not only was Mary Margaret hesitant about allowing her daughter to babysit Neal earlier that day, but she was the one that scolded Emma when the lamppost came down. Of the entire group–I couldn’t help but notice one person who was never afraid: Hook.

While some relationships have grown stale and much less entertaining since the beginning of the series, the growing relationship between Killian Jones and Emma Swan has been a breath of fresh air. As for another growing relationship? Well Robin finally abandoned his moral code in order to grant himself happiness. Ignoring her protests, Robin silenced Regina with a passionate kiss.

Maybe some of these crazy, complicated characters have a chance at a happy ending after all.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV. Check out a preview for next week’s episode now.

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