Once Upon A Time: Family Business


It seems that everyone on Once Upon a Time has, at some point, had their memories stolen from them. In Sunday night’s “Family Business”, Belle was the one with missing memories following an incident that resulted in her mother’s death.

After discovering that her mother had been killed and having no recollection of it, Belle set off on a journey to regain the conveniently missing moments. While searching for the rock trolls, Belle ran into Anna, who happened to be headed to the trolls in order to discover whether her “aunt” was really who she claimed to be.

The rock trolls revealed that Anna didn’t have one aunt, but two. Anna’s mother had two sisters; however, both of them vanished one day while the three girls were playing together. In order to cover up their disappearance, their parents removed all of Arendelle’s memories of young Ingrid and Helga. Does anyone else find it odd that instead of employing the town’s help to locate the two girls, they removed all trace of their existence? Hmm something about that sounds pretty fishy.

I’m curious to discover the identity of Helga–the unaccounted for sister. Something tells me that it could be Lilly, Emma’s friend that we met in last week’s episode. The introduction of Lilly’s character seemed more important than simply being an old friend of Emma’s, especially considering the strange scar on her wrist. I have a feeling that we’ll see that scar again.

As for Belle, she was given a solution to her missing memories in the form of a nifty little rock. However, as the two girls made their way back to Arendelle, a mysterious storm placed Belle in a sticky situation that forced her to make a choice between regaining her memories or saving Anna’s life. Belle chose her memories and Anna fell to the ground towards the awaiting Snow Queen, who whisked her away to her very own jail cell.

As Belle arrived home, her father informed her that he’d lied to her about what happened to her mother. Her mother had actually sacrificed herself in order to save Belle’s life–her father had kept this from her so that she wouldn’t feel guilty. Well great, now she has even more to feel guilty about. Belle’s guilt about choosing her memories over Anna transported us back to present day where she decided to use the dagger on her husband Rumpelstiltskin in order to track down the Snow Queen. Unfortunately Belle failed and Anna is still nowhere to be found.

Following last week’s revelation that the Snow Queen was once one of Emma’s foster parents, the gang (consisting of Regina, Robin, Emma and Hook) set off to track down any more clues regarding their connection. Upon tracking down the Snow Queen’s ice-cream truck in a forest, Emma discovered a file of old paintings and essays that she’d created when she was young. The file was indicative of the Snow Queen actually caring about Emma.

An old scroll shed even more light on the situation by revealing a prophecy involving the saviour. According to the prophecy, Emma is supposed to take the place of Ingrid’s missing sister. The Snow Queen’s ultimate goal has to do with creating her very own family with Emma and Elsa. Hook had it right when he said that everyone in this town is related. Even those that aren’t actually related want to be related. I can’t keep up with this family tree anymore.

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.

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