TV Couples Most In Need of Mistletoe


It’s that time of year again! The holiday season and the (mostly) chillier weather has us in a cozy and romantic mood. While 2015 wasn’t necessarily full of only good tidings for our favorite couples, there were a few relationships that ended the year on a good note, like Jimmy Shive-Overly and Gretchen Cutler of You’re the Worst, who made it out the other side of Gretchen’s clinical depression relatively intact (and arguably a stronger couple for it) or the uber-adorbs Barry Allen and Patty Spivot on The Flash, who keep getting cuter week to week.

Of course, for every Jimmy and Gretchen or Barry and Patty, there are other couples left up in the air–in a bad way. Here are six couples that we think are in serious need of some holiday romance and mistletoe.

Fitz and Simmons – Agents of SHIELD

We’ve not been shy about our love for FitzSimmons, and these two brainy SHIELD agents have been best friends since before the show began. So it’s been clear for quite a while that Fitz is carrying a torch for Jemma, and while her feelings for Fitz weren’t exactly clear before this season, in the second season finale it seemed like this ‘ship was about to set sail–Jemma agreed to go on a date with Fitz, and they were both adorably anxious about it. But then! That stupid Monolith had to go and ruin everything, transporting Jemma to an alien planet mere hours before the date.

In the third season Fitz was unflappable in his attempts to rescue Jemma during her months-long disappearance, and against all odds he succeeded and they were reunited… only for Fitz to find out that Jemma had fallen in love with another man, the only other person on the alien planet, during her forced hiatus. Of course, in the midseason finale we learned that said other man Will is (apparently) dead, but we can’t imagine that FitzSimmons will be in any sort of position to just pick up and start a relationship after this terrible news. These two can’t ever catch a break, can they?

Stefan and Caroline – The Vampire Diaries

Annette Brown/The CW
Annette Brown/The CW

Stefan and Caroline, aka Steroline, is a brilliant example of a slow-burn romance. The two were long-time best friends and grew closer, platonically, even while Stefan was dating Caroline’s best friend Elena. It wasn’t until the sixth season that anything even remotely resembling romantic sparks began to fire between them. Once the two embraced the love that had naturally developed between them, we contentedly settled in, eager to watch these two function as the steady, dependable core romance of the series. But it wasn’t to be.

Thanks to some Gemini coven nonsense, Caroline is pregnant–with Alaric’s twins!– and Stefan is dead at his mother’s crazy boyfriend’s hand (temporarily, we think, but still). Being made the mystical surrogate of another man’s children and being trapped in a hell-dimension via the Phoenix Stone will more than likely put a damper on Steroline for the time being, and we’re sad about it.

Oliver and Felicity – Arrow

These two were going really, really well for a while there! We’ve raved about how much we loved domestic bliss Olicity. Oliver and Felicity after reuniting, saving the day, and literally riding off into the sunset at the end of the last season, enjoyed several months of villain-free suburbia. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last, as the two were called back to Star City to rejoin their hero squad and save their city (for like the tenth time).

While Oliver and Felicity have shared a few lovely romantic moments (yin-yang kiss!), other pesky factors (like Oliver’s secret son and Felicity getting shot by men sent by Oliver’s new nemesis, Damien Darhk) keep getting in the way of their love. Assuming Felicity is still alive by the time the season picks back up in 2016, these two definitely deserve some mistletoe time.

Emma and Killian – Once Upon a Time


Like Steroline, Emma and Captain Hook have a similar problem–namely that one of the pair is dead. Unlike Steroline, the ‘ship formerly known as Captain Swan met an even more tragic end: Emma was forced to kill the man she loved to save her family, friends, and town. Harsh. While Emma and Hook enjoyed a few romantic interludes during the Camelot flashbacks, the first half of Season 5 was largely bereft of happy-coupley moments in the present timeline.

In present day Storybrooke, Emma languished in Dark Swan mode, forcing herself to stay away from memory-wiped everyone so that she could right the wrong that she’d done back in Camelot (ignoring Killian’s wishes and turning him into a Dark One to save his life). Once the truth came out, it wasn’t exactly the heartfelt reunion we were hoping for. Killian, furious at Emma for turning him into the thing he hated most, embraced the darkness full force and nearly killed everyone. Here’s hoping that this pair can find some mistletoe when Emma ventures to the Underworld to save her true love. The Underworld sounds like a totally mistletoe-ful place, right?

Lindsay and Paul – You’re the Worst


While we’re not exactly invested in the relationship between these two characters succeeding, we really want the two of them to be happy. Lindsay ended up reuniting with her recent ex-husband Paul after he found out that she was carrying his child. This followed a very tumultuous two seasons in which Lindsay cheated on Paul, Paul cheated on (and left) Lindsay, and Lindsay tricked Paul into reunion sex and into cheating on his perfect match/new girlfriend Amy. While Lindsay spiraled out of control throughout the second season, Paul seemed beyond blissed out with new girlfriend Amy.

By the time Lindsay began to come to terms with being on her own, boom! Pregnant. The Lindsay/Paul reunion in the season finale was equal parts random and adorable (marred as it was by the necessity of Paul dumping sweet, kind Amy). Unfortunately, based on Lindsay’s “Oh, god, I super regret this” face as she sat in the sidecar to Paul’s motorcycle and he drove her away betrayed that perhaps she wasn’t as confident in reuniting with her ex as she’d originally imagined. Get these two some mistletoe, stat, so they can sort out their complicated feelings and relationship.

Maggie and Sydney – Saving Hope

Bell Media
Bell Media

Sydney and Maggie started working together on Season 3 of Saving Hope and it was obvious that their feelings extended far beyond your normal working relationship. Each woman started to question themselves as they slowly developed feelings for one another, but there was the small complication of Sydney’s engagement to Herschel and her religious beliefs that constrained her in more ways than one. Eventually Sydney did end that engagement, but it was also the end of the road for Maggie and Sydney.

Recently on Season 4, Sydney re-appeared when Maggie was severely injured and Maggie definitely seemed happy to see her favourite red head there when she woke up from her coma. We know that Sydney sticks around for at least one more episode this season and we’re hoping that means these two can finally discuss what happened last year and move on. If they can’t do that together we hope we at least get some hope for the future, since we know that Saving Hope will be back again next season.

Which couple do you think is most in need of mistletoe for the new year? Did we leave your favourite out? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to vote:

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