8 thoughts from the True Blood series finale


True Blood bid farewell on Sunday night after seven seasons of ups and downs, weird and weirder, and fans like myself who weren’t always sure they wanted to keep holding on when things got a little … out of hand. In fact, this viewer stopped watching regularly roughly two seasons ago, right around the time Bill Compton became the bloody Lilith.

Still, I had to know how my favourite Bon Temps characters wound up by the true death end, and watched the True Blood series finale just for shits and giggles. Here are eight thoughts “Thank You” left me with by the closing credits:

1. The F Bomb quota seems higher

For the record, my reaction to the vampire love-of-my-life wanting me to kill him and give up my super powers forever would have me dropping a swear word or two–even if I could eventually (finally!) hear his thoughts and understand why. But heck, by the time the opening credits rolled that last time, there had to have been a half a dozen effs in the dialogue. It really drives home the point: this series is f–k–g over.


2. Eric is still awesome

Three words: Eric car dancing. This should have been a weekly segment all along, or at least some sort of a web series.

eric2 eric

3. Bubba

I was always disappointed that the True Blood book version of Bubba never made it to the television series, but hearing Jason Stackhouse call Hoyt “Bubba” one last time felt like a nice homage. Plus, it meant the bromance was back in full force and Jason no longer has to be relegated to “Girlfriend Fucker.”

hoyt1 hoyt2 hoyt3 hoyt4

4. There’s still not enough Lafayette

laf1 laf2 laf3

I know the show already dealt with my long-standing favourite cook-turned-voodoo-practicer, but I missed him in the finale nonetheless. I am glad he and Sookie are still tight though, or at least tight enough to have family dinners in the backyard together. Actually …

5. Wait. Isn’t that how Parenthood almost ended?

You Braverman dancers out there know what I’m talking about. Thank goodness the series was renewed for a final season at the 11th hour.


6. Aren’t there supposed to be more vampires?

What happened to the True Blood of days past, when brutal killings were a weekly occurrence? Ok, yes we had the killings at the beginning (and that wicked tunnel slaying), and of course that final graveyard scene, but for a finale I thought there would be more … death.


7. Umm, so no sex scenes. Like, at all.

Or did I miss it? I expected at least some sort of a post wedding coital bliss moment between Hoyt and Jessica. Or perhaps that trip to the airport could have actually featured one more look at Jason’s rear. Either way I thought it was shocking that there were no characters going at it. Also for the record, I was always more of a Jason and Jessica shipper.

jess jess2

8. So Sookie winds up with … 

Who? Obviously some normal dude who kind of looked like Alcide (R.I.P.) from the back. I’m sure some viewers will be fine with not knowing who knocked up the show’s heroine, but I actually wanted that closure. Maybe we’ll find out in some sort of a future movie or spinoff. Maybe one featuring Sookie’s baby? He or she will obviously have fairy blood, so that’s something to go on … right?


I’m curious to hear from the true True Blooders out there–those who have stuck with this series through thick and thin. Were you satisfied with the ending? The final season? The lack of Lafayette? Share your thoughts and let us know below.