Troubled ties on Reign


We’re keeping up with the M3 airdates of Reign, so if you haven’t seen “The Prince of the Blood” yet, ship your royal daughters back off, lock up your illegitimate stepsons and hop back in that bath until you’re all caught up.

Reign has taken us a long way from Mary sitting alone in the throne room—or at least flipped the scene as yet another rift came between the royal couple. It’s becoming a trend this season that just as Mary and Francis finally work their way back to each other, Francis goes ahead and keeps one more secret to further drive them apart. Or rather, one very big secret that he’s now seen fit to share with his brother, but not his wife. And while I get he was once again just being opportunistic when he told Mary to return to Scotland so Narcisse couldn’t follow through with his threats on her life, if it keeps up then at some point Mary will actually leave—and Francis will be short one very significant ally.

Because while Bash was feeling totally blasé about his brother killing their father (I’m just a little bit disappointed we didn’t get one scene of bro-tension after this revelation), his ride off into the woods and take-charge attitude might get some answers, but it won’t stop Narcisse’s slow encroachment on Francis’ royal authority. As Mary proved this week, she’s the only one with enough power and savvy at court to out manipulate the master manipulator. Not even Francis can claim that, and by leaving his strongest ally in the dark he’s not only wrecking his marriage, but letting the situation get much, much worse.

As for Narcisse, he’s gone very quickly from overt threat to Bluebeard wannabe, to full-on creep—leaving me struggling to reconcile Craig Parker’s turn as the noble Haldir with the bath-obsessed, child-threatening tyrant he’s turning into on the show. A few episodes ago I foolishly thought they might be setting Lola up as his redemption, but his good side around her is starting to crumble even as he plays himself up as the better man to Francis. At this point I can accept it if he stays evil, I just wish he would never mention baths again…


I get that Lola’s judgment is skewed on a good day, and she’s apparently been having a string of bad days since sleeping with her best friend’s fiancé, but someone that high up at court should realize why Francis wouldn’t go blabbing the truth about his relationship with Narcisse to everyone. I guess we can only hope she was feinting when she told Francis she hadn’t planted the incriminating evidence—but that seems far too reasonable for her.

Although now we’ve got yet another awkward situation on our hands where Lola knows more about Francis than Mary—and thanks to their history, if it ever gets out things are going to–somehow–get even worse for the newlyweds. I can’t help but think Mary might read that as another, more intimate betrayal and go running not to Scotland, but Louis. It already seems like the two have spent more time working together—as equals, I might add—than we’ve ever really seen from Mary and Francis. And what with those shirtless innuendos and twinkling, conspiratorial party looks, I think I can say with confidence that Louis is interested. And while Mary might not gamble with her throne over just anyone we’ve also just found out Condé is of royal blood too, which just might catch her interest.

Not that Mary’s other ladies are doing much better than Lola. Greer finally ‘fessed up to having married a Protestant—information Mary’s keeping to herself (because that always ends so well) even as it puts the pressure on to stop Narcisse from hounding the religious minority out of France. I’d personally be fine if they just drove Castleroy out of the country and left Greer available for Leith again, but even Mary is worried Greer will drink the Kool-Aid soon. Still, she’s slightly better off than Kenna, who was trying to make friends with Francis and Bash’s newly returned sister, who, incidentally, had seduced her own half brother before getting shipped off by Catherine. Oh Reign, I want to say never change, but why would you ever go there?

I mean, really. Why?

Reign-ing moments:

  • “Unfortunately my husband isn’t giving me what I want, so I’ve come to ask you instead.” So. Much. Double. Entendre.
  • “On behalf of France, I’d like to apologize for the plague, famine and religious violence.” What about the incest, Bash? Will you apologize for that too?
  • “A ride home, indeed.” Well, Claude clearly takes after her father.
  • If Catherine goes crazy and dies, I’m out.

What are your thoughts on that Bash/Claude development? Is Mary headed for Louis? Did Lola really betray Francis? Hit us up with your thoughts in the comments below!

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