Travelers: Jared Abrahamson talks Branching Out as Trevor

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment
The tension on Travelers is rising to epic proportions this week following the conclusion of “Donner,” where a possible rise of new rogue Travelers was hinted at. Meanwhile their personal lives are making it even harder to stay on mission, from Carly’s (Nesta Cooper) baby-daddy problem and Marcy’s (Mackenzie Porter) uncertain feelings for David (Patrick Gilmore) to MacLaren’s wife suspecting he’s having an affair.

Monday night’s episode “Bishop” sends MacLaren 20,000 feet up in the air for a mysterious mission surrounding a congressman involved in the creation of a new pipeline, while Carly struggles to find work thanks to interference from her ex-abuser Jeff (J. Alex Brinson).

Trevor (Jared Abrahamson), meanwhile, has to deal with a problem of his own when his father (William MacDonald), or Gary, as he continues to call him, confronts him about his missed tests and how their relationship has changed recently. The TV Junkies spoke with Abrahamson about his role as a spiritual and sweet Trevor and how he almost missed the opportunity altogether.

“I wasn’t interested [in pilots] at the time,” says Abrahamson, who was in the midst of filming Hello, Destroyer, an independent film about a young, troubled hockey player. It wasn’t until his agent insisted he give the show a chance did he pick up the script. “Once I read it I was all-in.”

Abrahamson says there are many similarities between himself as a youth and Trevor’s pre-Traveler personality, describing himself as a “rough and tumble guy.” Before studying in film school, he saved money working in an underground mine in his hometown of Flin Flon, Manitoba. In fact, his character’s history as a cage fighter was directly pulled from Abrahamson’s experience in MMA fighting, which he shared with creator Brad Wright during his callback audition. “Originally it was supposed to be a football player getting a concussion, but once they found out about my history they crafted it for me,” he says.

Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment

When it comes to why he was “all-in” for the role, besides the series’ strong writing, it has far less to do with the similarities between the original Trevor than it was about the opportunity to break away from the type of roles he was being cast in. “I’ve been playing a lot of roughneck, blue collar characters, and I kept saying I want to play someone smart, show that I can be articulate and have a completely other side to me,” Abrahamson says. “All of a sudden I get this audition for the old man engineer in the young man’s body and it’s perfect.”

As for where Trevor’s headspace is now, Abrahamson says his character has a renewed purpose following the brief time when the Travelers considered their mission complete. “At that point I felt like Trevor started developing a bit of sadness because he was a man without purpose,” he says. “For him it’s almost getting a second chance. As you see the missions start coming in it gives him that spark.”

With only a few episodes of the season left, where are the Travelers headed for the season finale? “You’re going to see some division,” Abrahamson hints. “We’re going to have our eyes opened to some stuff that we had no idea about.”

Outside of Travelers, Abrahamson was named one of the Toronto International Film Festival’s 2016 Rising Stars, an award previously won by homegrown talents including Sarah Gadon (11.22.63), Connor Jessup (American Crime, Falling Skies) and recent Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black). A homegrown talent himself, he’s quick to praise the Canadian film and television industry for its growth over the last few years, noting the international success of shows like Letterkenny. “The whole market’s changing and the whole world is ready for it too,” he says. “I think we got sick of being a service industry to a bigger market. We’ve got to start telling our own [stories] and I see it happening. I’ve been in five indie films in the last year, they’re all Canadian content and they’re all going to be strong.”


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Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.