Transplant’s Laurence Leboeuf on How Mags is Learning to Prioritize Herself

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All of the doctors at York Memorial are hard-working and dedicated. That’s what makes the Emergency Department one of the best hospitals in Toronto, but there must also be some balance when it comes to their personal lives. For Dr. Magalie “Mags” Leblanc (Laurence Leboeuf), viewers of CTV’s drama series Transplant are often left wondering if she knows what a personal life is. Mags is very dedicated to her job and puts an enormous amount of pressure on herself. She prioritizes work above everything else and in doing so, she’s been pushed to the brink. 

Recently her boss, Dr. Bishop (John Hannah), realized that Mags dedication to work was heading towards some very dangerous territory and forced Mags to spend time outside of the ER. However, now that she’s back, she fully intends on sticking around, and has started to show signs that she has learned her lesson. She’s stopped taking so many doubles, and recently has begun hanging out more and building a friendship with fellow doctor, Dr. June Curtis (Ayisha Issa). 

Leboeuf recently spoke with The TV Junkies ahead of this week’s Season 1 finale. She shared the ways in which Mags knows she has to change, as well as why she was so glad to see Mags reach out to June for a friendship, and how overjoyed she was at the recent news that NBC has acquired Transplant to air in the U.S. Leboeuf also previews a finale episode that may see Mags getting closer to Bash (Hamza Haq) and leaving fans with a big cliffhanger.


The TV Junkies: What’s it been like living through the pandemic with the focus on health care professionals and their importance after playing one on TV for 13 episodes?

Laurence Leboeuf: It’s some pretty great timing because we know how hard they work, and know a little of what their work consists of, so we have an idea of what they must be going through right now in the trenches. They’ve got to be dedicated and a bit overwhelmed by this situation and we had a glimpse of that world. We feel way more for them right now and our thoughts have been with them. Just knowing what it takes, how time consuming it is, and what it takes emotionally, we’ve been thinking about them a lot.

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TTVJ: Mags is pretty committed to her job, possibly too much, and recently was forced by Bishop out of the ER. Now that she’s back, is she back for good?

LL: It seems like she’ll be back for quite a bit and she wants to be. It’s always what she wanted, and it’s a matter of finding a fine balance. She’s risked so much and is so dedicated to it, and that’s a great asset for her because she’s ready for a lot of the unexpected things that can happen in the hospital. But she’s got to find that fine balance of letting go of a few shifts and try to rebuild her personal life. 

TTVJ: It does seem she learned a few lessons while away and already tried to take less doubles and have more of a personal life. But I found her scenes with the female firefighter who got lost in her job really powerful. Does Mags know who she is without her job or is that what she needs to find out?

LL: That’s definitely what she needs to find out. The firefighter was a great mirror for her to hear this woman, who has dedicated everything into her passion, have the carpet ripped from under her feet all the sudden. That’s a scary thought for Mags. She’s lost touch with everybody around her because of that and is going to face that and confront it.

TTVJ: Do you personally find yourself relating to Mags at all?

LL: I’m not as crazy as Mags work-wise. I really love living, doing nothing, and seeing friends and family. That’s extremely important to me. I don’t have that problem, but my job has been my world since I was born. I started working very young so it’s been my world and I’ve only done acting. It’s a comfort zone for me and where I feel safe. That’s a very strong feeling, and like Mags, I think I found very early on my passion and what my life work was going to be devoted to.

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TTVJ: It’s been so great to see the start of a friendship form between Mags and June. Why do those two work so well together? Can we expect that to keep growing?

LL: I hope so and we want to! We’ve had so much fun doing those scenes together. They do butt heads at one point, but they only want the best for their patients and work. It’s not an unhealthy competitiveness between them and that’s what’s nice to see. They want to work together, and when they do, they see how much they can accomplish together. They’re a bit alike in that they are both a bit awkward, socially. June has a hard time opening up and reaching out, and Mags has shut down everybody so she’s awkward in that sense too. They are finding each other through work, but then think, ‘Why don’t we go for a drink?’ I hope we keep seeing more of them for sure. 

TTVJ: Mags and Bash seem to keep getting close too, and she thought about inviting him to that part with her. How does she view that relationship and will we see them move forward at all in the finale?

LL: Since Bash arrived at the hospital he’s definitely shaken things up for Mags. He’s come with a different background in medicine and has challenged her ways of doing things. She saw talent and passion in him so she was able to let go of her ways of doing and see how he was working. I think she admires him. They work well together and recognize the passion for the job and dedication for the job in each other. 

Mags being awkward with social stuff would maybe want to get closer, but doesn’t know how for sure. I can’t say too much, but maybe that’ll develop in the future. For now, I think it’s nice we leave it intriguing and you can sense that they maybe have a little thing for one another, but nothing is pushed or developed so you’re like, ‘What’s going to happen?’ I think we’re going to be left hanging a bit.

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TTVJ: Transplant recently got picked up by NBC in the States which is pretty exciting. How did you feel about that news?

LL: We were just so happy and ecstatic! It’s really rewarding to work so hard on a show, give it your all and your heart, and we were very proud of it. To see the reaction in Canada, first of all, and see how well it was received, and then that news. Just knowing that the show is becoming worldly is extremely rewarding for us. You know that it’s reaching more people and crossing boundaries. People are seeing the quality of it and getting into it. It’s really rewarding.

TTVJ: Is there anything non-Mags related that you can preview about the Transplant finale?

LL: I can just say that we’ll be left with a big cliffhanger for sure. Something is going to happen that will leave the audience a bit breathless.


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Transplant airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.