13 Things We Learned About Wynonna Earp Season 2 at ClexaCon


Let’s get real here, June 24, 2016 seems like so long ago! That’s the last time many fans got new episodes of Wynonna Earp and the hiatus has been quite difficult to get through at times. Thankfully, over this past weekend we finally got some bits and pieces of new information about what to expect from the Syfy supernatural western when it returns for Season 2 later in 2017. In the meantime, The TV Junkies did recently learn that the show will be arriving on Netflix in the US and Canada in May to fulfill all our rewatch needs.

The new information about Season 2 comes from a panel held on Friday, March 3, 2017 during ClexaCon. The convention celebrated LGBTQ women in entertainment and included a panel focusing on “The WayHaught Women of Wynonna Earp” at Bally’s in Las Vegas. It featured Wynonna showrunner Emily Andras and the actresses that portray the popular “WayHaught” couple, comprised of Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) and Officer Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell).

For those that may not recall, Andras and Co. left viewers with plenty of cliffhangers in the Season 1 finale, including a huge shock that Waverly may not be an Earp. She also touched the mysterious black goo and left many wondering if she had turned evil. The answers to those, and all the other questions left hanging in the air will need to be answered by tuning in, but we were able to come away from the panel with a few takeaways for eager Earpers. Read on below for all the information you need to know about what’s ahead for Season 2.


Things can always get gayer

Given that ClexaCon was a convention focusing on LGBT representation there was much talk at the panel about WayHaught and the responsibility of proper representation on TV for LGBT characters. After the show was nominated for a GLAAD Media award last year, Andras tweeted that she was going to “make things gayer” in Season 2. When asked at the panel just how gay they were now that most of Season 2 has been written, she joking asked the crowd “How gay do you want it to be?” After a resounding set of cheers and applause, Andras added that “it can always get gayer.”

Season 2 is deeper

Andras acknowledged that the show has “a million cliffhangers in Season 1 to answer so there’s a lot of stuff happening” in Season 2. While Provost-Chalkley enthusiastically said “it’s literally the best thing you’ll ever see in your life,” and costar Barrell added that “this season feels deeper.”  She went on to elaborate what she meant by that, saying that “now everyone is a bit rawer. Everyone got scraped along the floor and now we’re seeing true colors come out and secrets — darker, uglier sides of these characters that make them so much more complex, human and loveable because we can identify with them.”

Haught is sexier

Much has been made by many WayHaught fans about the shorter hairdo Barrell is sporting this season as Nicole. When asked for the story behind the haircut, Barrell revealed that she was the one who asked to cut her hair. She joked that she didn’t “want to wear a braid anymore,” but soon the real reason was revealed. “I wanted her to be a bit sexier and be able to let her hair down a little bit,” said Barrell. While fans seem to like the new look, Andras couldn’t help but joke that her reaction was “no one wants sexy Nicole, but OK we’ll try it.”

A new addition announced

At the panel, Andras had an exciting announcement for fans as she introduced one of the additions for Season 2, Tamara Duarte. Duarte was in attendance at the panel and stood up to  briefly to wave at fans. All Andras will reveal is that “we really like her and you probably will too,” but wouldn’t elaborate on who Duarte may be playing. The Toronto born Duarte is currently shooting Season 3 of Hard Rock Medical and has appeared on Haven and Longmire.

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A Season 2 guarantee on WayHaught?

During Season 1 Andras made a surprising move, announcing to fans that both Nicole and Waverly would survive the season. She was acutely aware of the damage the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope had on many fans, and felt it was important to assure fans that they had nothing to fear with Wynonna. Can we expect to hear a similar guarantee on WayHaught in Season 2? “I’m very aware of the importance of these two characters and their existence on the show and how we treat them. That’s what I guarantee,” said Andras. Provost-Chalkley added that “we have the best writing team and I never have any fears. They are so aware of the importance of LGBT representation. I literally have no fears at all. So if I don’t then you shouldn’t either.”

More Haught/Wynonna scenes

A fan favorite scene in Season 1 was a small moment between Wynonna and Nicole in Episode 7. When asked if there will be more scenes like that this year, Barrell said that “there is a scene I’m shooting Thursday, it’s one of my favorite scenes I read this season and it’s for Wynonna and Nicole.” She said that one of the reasons she’s so excited is because it means working with Melanie Scrofano. “I love working with Melanie. She’s incredible and is working so hard this year. She’s surprising and she does things you’re not expecting, so as an actor you have to be so on your toes with Melanie.”


Wynonna will question WayHaught

Wynonna may have spent much of Season 1 being oblivious to the relationship building between Nicole and Waverly, but she’s fully aware in Season 2 and may have some concerns. “The thing that’s really fun is that Wynonna is very protective of Waverly. So regardless of the fact that she’s very friendly with Nicole Haught, she’s protective of Waverly. There’s a real question of ‘is anyone dating Waverly good enough for Waverly?’ We shall see, but there’s some good stuff,” previewed Andras. Provost-Chalkley echoed her boss’ sentiments saying that “it’s not so much about the fact that it’s Nicole. It’s more that we just got to the point where we’ve solidified our relationship.” Add to the mix that Waverly’s identity as an Earp is now up in the air, and that means that “no matter who that would be — even if she’s the most amazing badass woman — it still is going to spark something off in Wynonna. No one is good enough for Waverly.”

Nicole will question Wynonna

While Wynonna may be questioning whether or not Nicole is good enough for Waverly, the Purgatory police officer may have some questions of her own. Showrunner Andras noted that “I think Nicole may have some opinions about Wynonna too. They are different people. It’s complicated. They are three strong women so…”

Waverly has an insane season

“Waverly has such an insane season,” said Andras. That means that a lot of Provost-Chalkley’s skills get put to the test and it one that she seems to be passing with flying colors. “Dominique is incredible. It’s such a tour de force, but it’s a roller coaster ride,” Andras said. Barrell added that “every week is like ‘what’s Dominique’s special skill this episode?’ This girl has many talents which she gets to showcase this season.”

Season 2 Nicole may not be as nice

“Last year everything was kind of nice. Everything felt really good for Nicole,” noted Barrell. That may be changing and Nicole may not have the same sunny disposition. “This year things get a little more frustrating, a little more upsetting and the barrier of nice, she can only hold it up for so long,” previewed Barrell.


Doc’s unexpected relationships

While most of the panel’s discussion focused on the WayHaught ladies, there was a question about Doc (Tim Rozon) and what he thinks of WayHaught. “One thing that’s really fun about Doc is that he’s lived for so long that even though he’s sort of old fashioned, he’s not easily shocked or offended. He’s a ‘love is love’ kind of guy and that certainly continues,” said Andras. She did make sure to add that “he has some really fun relationships this year with people that are unexpected.”

More Nicole backstory

One thing that many fans are looking forward to in Season 2 is learning more about Officer Haught. When asked whether or not we will be getting more of Nicole’s backstory, the tight lipped Barrell simply said “yea you do.”

Season 2 poster

At the end of the panel IDW handed out the first of three Season 2 posters featuring Scrofano’s Wynonna. This one has the tagline “So many demons. So many donuts. So little time.”

Syfy / IDW
Syfy / IDW

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Wynonna Earp Season 1 arrives on Netflix in the US and Canada in May. Season 2 premieres in 2017.