This Life: Lauren Lee Smith discusses Maggie’s unexpected nature


Oh Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, just what are we going to do with you? In keeping with the surprising nature viewers grew to love during This Life’s first season, Maggie Lawson (Lauren Lee Smith) pulled off a secret marriage to her new roommate Raza (Hamza Haq) on Sunday night’s episode. The marriage may be more of a business arrangement at the moment, but knowing Maggie we’re betting there’s a good chance that could be changing soon.

As if a complicated personal life isn’t enough to deal with, Maggie also has found herself getting involved in sister Natalie’s (Torri Higginson) custody battle, and her brother Matthew (Rick Roberts) doesn’t seem like he’s going to forgive her for sharing his secret at the end of Season 1 any time soon. What does all that mean for a character that seems to constantly be trying to get it together?

Smith recently spoke with The TV Junkies about Maggie’s surprise marriage and what lies ahead for her in Season 2. It’s a season that also marked changes in Smith’s personal life, as she returned to film This Life just six weeks after giving birth to her now 5 month old daughter. Smith tells us that adjusting to life as a working mom was “intense and pretty crazy,” but adds that “it’s been amazing.”


TTVJ: So Maggie is now a married woman. When I first watched I was surprised but then thought ‘nope that’s totally a Maggie thing to do.’ What was your reaction when you learned she’d be marrying Raza?

LLS:  When I first heard the rumor that Maggie was getting married I was like ‘wait, wait, what? What has transpired in Maggie’s life that she suddenly has her life together and she’s getting married?’ Then I read the script and was like ‘oh this makes total sense!’ It’s not because she’s in love or because she’s met the man of her dreams. It’s because she needs somewhere to live. That’s so totally Maggie and it makes perfect sense.

TTVJ: Maggie and Raza seem to have a very clear understanding about what they expect this marriage to be. Will things stay that way and what can we expect from their relationship moving forward?

LLS: Oh no, no, no, no, things are definitely not going to stay that way. That’d be way too easy! [laughs] As this season progresses we see that the decision they made perhaps was not the smartest choice, and the repercussions emotionally for Maggie are definitely more than she bargained for and more than she anticipated. It turns out to be not what she thought it would be at all. At all. Like AT ALL!

TTVJ: When I talked to Joseph Kay [This Life’s showrunner] he said the writers really love to mess with Maggie. Do you get the sense that’s true and do you ever expect her to truly get it together?

LLS: I think she’s always going to be a bit of an eccentric person. That’s just her nature, who she is and so much of what I love about Maggie. Hopefully she grows up a little bit and I think by the end of Season 2 we see that happen a tiny little smidge.

I really have never played a character where I have absolutely no idea where she’s going, how she’s going to get there and the choices she makes are so completely out of left field and beyond anything I would personally do or know. It’s super fun to play and be that free.


TTVJ: It seems like Natalie’s custody battle may slowly pull in all members of the family and we did see Maggie confront David in this episode. Will she continue to get involved in that dispute?

LLS: That’s part of what makes the Lawson family unit so strong. They really are a close knit family and really are involved in each other’s lives. For Maggie to see how what Natalie is going through and how hard it is, she just wants to protect her and help her in any way possible. We’ll definitely see Maggie and other Lawson members get involved in that whole situation. Everyone has their time with David in Season 2 to try and reason with him and make him see Natalie’s point of view.

TTVJ: Matthew doesn’t seem like he’s going to forgive Maggie for telling Nicole his secret any time soon. How will they move forward this season?

LLS: It’s been a really great story for Matthew and Maggie in Season 2 because they are forced to spend all this time together and forced to deal with issues together, but ultimately they do not see eye to eye. Ultimately, Matthew is still very angry with Maggie, but they have to be able to put their personal differences aside and deal with the bigger issues at hand. It’s been really a fun journey to see the relationship between Matthew and Maggie evolve in Season 2.

TTVJ: It looked like Maggie and Nicole may actually be getting closer. Will we see them continue to connect more?

LLS: We do see a little bit more of that and the storyline with Nicole is very interesting this season as her character evolves. They came from such different places throughout Season 1 and in Season 2 they almost have a few bonding moments.

TTVJ: While Oliver and Romy have a bond, it seems that Maggie really gets along well with Emma. Can we expect to see more of that relationship this year?

LLS: We actually see a little more of just the entire family unit all around which was really nice. They have done a great job of keeping the family even tighter this year and developing all of the relationships between all of us.

TTVJ: That’s exciting to hear because one of my favorite things about This Life are the scenes where everyone is all together.

LLS: Those are truly the favorite scenes for all of us. Those are the days we literally have the most fun. You always hear actors saying ‘oh we’re so close and we all love each other,’ but we really do! It really is this family unit and the days where we’re all together it feels very much like a family. We all get along and enjoy each other’s company so much. I think that’s why it works and why people respond because there’s not a whole lot of acting there. We really, really love being with each other.


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