The Vampire Diaries Says Goodbye

Annette Brown/The CW
Annette Brown/The CW

The series of events that took place this week on The Vampire Diaries “Let Her Go” were amazing game changers. The entire cast was present minus Jeremy, and we were able to foresee the explosive new direction the show will take for the remainder of Season 6. Let me tell you, there were a lot of moments where I was left gasping and saying, “OMG I knew it!”

It was a tearful goodbye as Caroline and the town’s people to laid Sheriff Liz Forbes to rest. Caroline has never been one to focus on a single issue at a time, not when her impending relationship status with Stefan is merely hanging on by a thread. Initially I was surprised when Stefan implied he might not picture Caroline as someone he could love deeply like he once did for Elena or even Katherine. Hello! This is what I was thinking all along! Regardless, this was the impression he gave off to poor Caroline minutes before her mother’s funeral began. Ouch! That’s gotta sting very badly. Caroline did put on a brave face afterwards because she was able to stand before everyone with such a sad heart and sing a beautiful song in honour of Liz that totally tugged at my heart strings. In addition to that, Damon revealed his sensitive side when he did the eulogy with such grace and sorrow.

Once the tears ended, the waterworks didn’t stop there as the tide of awesomeness came streaming in. Kai returned and I would like to take a moment and mention how amazing Chris Wood is in this role. He is one of the greatest psychopaths I’ve seen on television and it’s especially fantastic the way he delivers his lines. He will do whatever he needs to in order to survive, even if that means bringing death to his own family members. The tables turned when he showed up at Jo’s place practically dying from the inside, desperately needing her powers to regain the strength he lost when he and Luke merged. When all was said and done, Kai did get the help he was searching for and before leaving he whispered to Jo the BABY NEWS!!! This marks the first ever pregnancy storyline to hit Mystic Falls and congratulations to Alaric and Jo on the good news and engagement. Nice to see at least one couple going strong. I really hope everything goes well and these two get the happy ending they deserve! Sheesh is that too much to ask? Probably, knowing that the most likely thing to happen next is that it’s going to be twins…

The great news didn’t stop there because BONNIE was home at last. This girl has been to the beyond and back one too many times and she has truly endured the toughest obstacles this season. Bonnie reunited with Damon in a precious moment and the bond they developed on the other side will likely carry over into a great friendship. Now that his pal Liz is gone, it would be sweet for Bonnie to fill that void in Damon’s big, caring heart that we’re now getting to see so much of. But of course Bonnie couldn’t return home without a special present. Unbeknownst to her, she met and potentially brought back Damon and Stefan’s mother. I’m curious what the Salvatore brother’s will make of this.

One thing is for sure, when someone dear to your heart passes away you often take the time to reflect on the things that are important in life. Matt realized he wanted to dedicate his life to something meaningful and that was a powerful message. He has always been the most level-headed character on the show and for him to step up and acknowledge that he wanted to be a cop to protect the citizens of his town was absolutely honourable. He shared his thoughts with Tyler in hopes that he would want to do the same and I think this would be such a great decision for the both of them, Matt and Tyler taking on one bad guy at a time! Sweet…

On the downside, when you reflect on your life and the negative aspects of losing someone close, it makes you feel so alone. So you end up making poor decisions like Caroline. Elena tried her best to comfort her dearest friend to help assure her that things would eventually get better, but she discovered that Caroline wanted to turn her humanity off from the pain of Liz and Stefan. In times like this you cannot always think rationally and the selfish part of a person refuses to listen to anyone but that lonely thought in your head. When she embraced Elena for a hug and snapped her neck, it was the first sign that Caroline will turn against herself. Stefan didn’t realize how strongly he does feel for Caroline until it was too late. Will he get to her in time before she makes this awful decision? Somehow I don’t think he will.

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