The Vampire Diaries: Life as a vampire in the 1900s

Tina Rowden/The CW
Tina Rowden/The CW

The mini break is over and this was the first episode of The Vampire Diaries since Nina Dobrev announced she’ll be leaving the show. With only four episodes remaining before Season 6 comes to a close, the storyline is in a perfect place for Elena’s impending departure. Is this a coincidence? Or was this the idea all along?

To be completely truthful I personally don’t think the storyline for The Vampire Diaries can survive without Elena. The foundation of the show has always been about a dynamic love story that entails either Elena loving Stefan or Damon. So after everything they’ve all been through how can Elena just walk away from both Stefan and Damon to become a human and live a “normal life?” That in itself is an amazing concept if they left the ending of the entire series that way. However if Damon, who is currently the love interest of Elena’s, was to continue his life after being with his one true love well that just doesn’t seem real to me.

“I Could Never Love Like That” was a rollercoaster of emotions. It was the first time Enzo really shared any true feelings he has about his past life. I always enjoy and find it interesting to see the story behind how or why someone has turned into a vampire. When Enzo explained to Sarah that Stefan’s mom turned him into a vampire in 1903, I was surprised to learn how well all of the characters turn out to revolve around each other so flawlessly. Throughout Enzo’s flashbacks we discovered that he was used to be probed and picked at in an experiment ran by Lily Salvatore. No wonder Enzo is as evil in his ways when he needs to be the bad guy. He proved to have a caring heart when he set Sarah free instead of using her as a pawn with Stefan when he said “have a nice life Sarah Nelson”.

Caroline and Stefan were in full ripper mode again when they kept Matt and Tyler captive in a karaoke bar. After much torturing by Caroline, who comes across as lame every now and again, she amped up Tyler to befall so much anger that he unknowingly stabbed his best friend Matt in the stomach. Poor Matt has been having it pretty rough these last few episodes. I even came up with this crazy idea that Matt and Elena would walk away as one happy couple in the end. It wouldn’t be that farfetched of an idea, especially when Matt was taken to the hospital and he and Elena shared a heart to heart moment about the setbacks of living in a vampire world. The show began with her and Matt; maybe it would be full circle to end that way too?

Amongst all the drama Damon and Lily make a deal to save Stefan in exchange for the ascendant to bring his mother’s “new family” back who are still trapped on the other side. In desperation Lily does whatever it takes to make that happen and the plan was successful in bringing Stefan back. All it took was seeing his mother after so many years and a heart wrenching speech that was spoon fed to her from Damon. Lily confessed she is a ripper and vowed she has returned to be with her sons once again, it seemed to have tugged the heart strings in Stefan quite easily because he immediately returned back to his “normal self”. We quickly found out that the ascendant means way more to Lily than we could have thought possible and why it is so detrimental to them in getting it back ASAP. What a compelling twist that Lily’s family was cast out in 1900s from the Gemini covenant known as “Heretics”. What is a Heretic? A half witch/half vampire that can siphon powers for strength. Jo broke it down for us pretty well when she said “imagine Kai with the blood lust of a vampire but now having six of them.” Yikes!

The premise of the entire episode was based on Elena fighting with the idea of being a vampire for the rest of her life. She even said Jo’s pregnancy was the best news she’s heard in a long while and it triggered the thought of never being pregnant herself. Elena told Damon that she’s always wanted a family and the realization that it would never happen to her was devastating. The entire time she continued to pour her heart out she has no idea that Damon had the option that could change her life to be different forever. The saga of this love story could come to an end in a very beautiful way, it would be the ultimate sacrifice for love.

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