The Hotwives of Las Vegas’ Tymberlee Hill Previews Another Wild Season


Look out Las Vegas because here comes the Hotwives! If there’s a better city out there to hold all the craziness, over the top insanity and drunken antics of Hulu’s Hotwives franchise than Las Vegas we’ve yet to find it. “You know the real tagline should be ‘What happens in Vegas ends up on the Hotwives’,” jokes star Tymberlee Hill.

After a first season full of shocking and outrageous moments, The Hotwives of Orlando are now officially headed to the Strip in their second season as The Hotwives of Las Vegas premieres with brand new episodes Tuesday, August 18 on Hulu. Yes, Orlando stars Casey Wilson, Danielle Schneider, Angela Kinsey, Dannah Phirman and Andrea Savage all return alongside Hill for the second season, but there’s a catch. The ladies will be playing brand new characters and Hotwives. Hill is the only returning star to reprise an Orlando character, as she sees her Phe Phe move from Orlando to Las Vegas.

“There are moments where people are straight wild,” says Hill. Not surprising given what we know of the first season and from the Vegas trailer (which can be seen below) featuring fighting, sex seductions and all kinds of drunken revelry. “This season is weird and awesome,” previews Hill as she talked exclusively with The TV Junkies about everything related to Season 2 of The Hotwives of Las Vegas. Read on below for her thoughts on upping the ante, fun guest stars and if they’ve had any feedback from the first ladies of Bravo themselves.


The TV Junkies: Phe Phe is the only returning housewife from the first season. What is she doing moving to Vegas?

Tymberlee Hill: Phe Phe is moving to Vegas to capitalize on the fact that there is so much unregulated business. She also has a show now, she’s just kicking everything up three notches. So she’s going to Vegas so it can be huge because she’s got a TV show, a book and a fashion line. She’s just going for it.

TTVJ: What makes Vegas the perfect city of choice for the Hotwives in Season 2?

TH: Because the people that we are playing are the most elevated, the most extreme personalities of people that you could possibly imagine and there’s no other city that matches that like Las Vegas, especially if you’re going to take it up from there. You’ve got to have Vegas as a backdrop. It’s literally the only place big enough to hold that kind of madness.

TTVJ: How are you guys upping the ante this year given Season 1 was so insane?

TH: First of all we’ve got all new people. Keegan-Michael Key is in there this time, LaMonica Garrett is there this time. We have all these incredible guest stars that are going to blow your mind away and on top of it all the girls, except for me, are playing different characters. I was terrified at first thinking ‘Oh my God different characters is going to be so weird,’ but they are hilarious. They just up the ante by playing these completely new, insane people.


TTVJ: I could definitely tell some of the people you were parodying but other characters just seem like a completely new creation from the Hotwives.

TH: It’s so much of both because what happens is you get your baseline and do your research based on the people you’re talking about. Then on top of that when you’re at work they are just so crazy so anything happens. Normally when we set up to take on somebody we just say ‘Go for it and see what happens!’

TTVJ: So is there a lot of improv or is it all scripted?

TH: It’s scripted brilliantly. We stay within the script because those girls [Schneider and Phirman] have written it perfectly. Nobody knows these people like these women and the way they have created such clear, individual voices for each one of these total freak shows. It’s astonishing. It’s a gift and they are good at it. After that we will do a couple where we’re like ‘OK we definitely have it, now have a good time.’

TTVJ: Phe Phe is obviously very much like Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Have you heard any feedback from her or have any idea what she thinks?

TH: Oh God no, nothing. Phe Phe is also Nene (Leakes, Real Housewives of Atlanta), the biggest brash, loudest person everywhere. You can hear her from miles and that’s true. Then I also threw a little Wendy Williams in there. I know she’s not a Housewife but I feel like she is an honorary Housewife from ALL of the traffic of Housewives on her show. She knows the franchise and her personality is huge too. But no one has said anything to me about any of it. I know some of the other girls bumped into and been at events with some of the other women and it’s all great. Casey (Wilson) has been on Bravo a million times with Andy Cohen and it’s all good.

TTVJ: I know you mentioned some great guest stars and doesn’t that include Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna?

TH: Oh my gosh yes! The shoot was all so fast and you would just walk into the trailer and whoever is in there is in there. At all different times of the day there’d be all these different people. So one morning I came in, I was having a really hard morning, it was a really bad day and it’s 6 o’clock in the morning and it was time to go in. I walk into the hair and makeup trailer and there is Lisa Rinna getting her hair done and saying ‘Can it be bigger? Can you make it bigger on the top? Can I get another strip of lashes?’ I was like ‘life is so good.’ Lisa Rinna! Also she has the body of a teenage girl, insane. What’s crazy is she’s super nice and personable and she’s just great.

TTVJ: I know Casey and Danielle are both really big Housewives fans. Are you as well and if so which city is your favourite?

TH: I am not a Housewives fan like these girls. They did a show at the UCB for years about these women–this love affair with Real Housewives for over a decade. They used to go over to Danielle’s house together and watch them. I was into it one or two seasons back in the day and only ever watched Jersey and Atlanta.


TTVJ: Oh so the craziest ones?

TH: Exactly! It was fresh and good and like the first few years of MTV: Real World when people were really out of their mind and we didn’t know what the hell was happening. I have not been a fan the past couple of years. I’ll check in now and then for research and to see where people are now.

TTVJ: All of the Housewives have a tagline, and Phe Phe has some pretty good ones. What would your personal tagline be?

TH: Oh my gosh. What is my tagline? “Heat it up!” or “Get after it!” No “Be a Beast,” that’s what I would say.

TTVJ: What other projects do you have coming up next?

TH: Now we missed pilot season you have to wait to find out and can’t audition and can’t get other jobs. It’s also a really nice excuse for missing that crazy time. I did a show at UCB and I’ve been doing my friend’s podcast and promoting Hotwives and hopefully in the fall I’ll get myself back out there. But I’m really enjoying just rest. This is fine with me.


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The Hotwives of Las Vegas return to Hulu with brand new episodes on Tuesday, August 18.