The Fosters: Never Give Up

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

If The Fosters taught us anything this week it’s that you should never give up: not on yourself, not on your dreams and certainly not on your family. Yes, sometimes life is going to seem pretty bleak, but as Rita (guest star Rosie O’Donnell) said, “we always have a choice.” So even though “sometimes the choice sucks,” as was the case for many members of The Fosters’ family in “Now Hear This,” they all eventually made the right choice and grew up a bit in the process.

After telling the judge her decision to move back with the Quinns, Callie tried to focus her energy elsewhere and help fellow Girls United member Kiara come back home. Kiara had run away and it turns out has been prostituting herself out in a very seedy part of town. It was surprising to see Rita initially tell Callie that “it is not our job to save Kiara.” Damn Rita, that was harsh and nothing like the woman we have come to know and love. Thankfully it turned out our beloved Rita, the woman who always has her arms open, welcoming the girls back home, returned shortly thereafter and went to rescue Kiara.

It was heartbreaking to watch Kiara’s initial rejection of Rita’s offer of help. The look on O’Donnell’s face when Kiara spit on it spoke for all viewers — utter shock and disbelief at what just happened, but more than anything there was sadness. Sadness that Kiara was giving up on herself so easily and allowing herself to be abused in this manner. Thankfully Callie was right, and “Rita’s pretty tough,” and she never did give up on Kiara, saving her in the end. This is why I’m always delighted to see O’Donnell’s Rita and Girls United featured in an episode of The Fosters. The sheer possibility of touching stories that they can tell about the girls that come in and out of Rita’s care always feel interesting, important and special. If we aren’t going to get a spinoff I hope we can at least revisit the home for a few episodes each season.

Meanwhile it was no surprise that Stef was taking Callie leaving so hard. She and Callie have always had a very tight bond and Stef, rightfully so, sees a lot of herself in Callie. They are very similar people and it’s a main reason why they’ve always been so close to one another. That’s why it’s unfathomable to think that Callie’s fears about Stef finding out the truth would ever be a reality.

But when Maia Mitchell’s Callie’s tearfully told Stef her fears that “you wouldn’t want me any more, like you’d finally give up on me,” it was easy to see that Callie unfortunately really was worried they’d give up on her. Thankfully Stef was right there to reassure her (seriously where’s Teri Polo with a “love” when I’m feeling blue?), that “nothing you can do is going to make us not want you. Nothing.” The truth finally came out and I think we all let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that the truth is finally out there. This is one fight that Stef and Lena surely won’t be giving up on. I just hope it’s not too late as Robert seemed pretty sure of himself during that final confrontation.

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

The stakes weren’t as high for other members of the Fosters family but that doesn’t mean they didn’t feel just as important. Connor was spending the night and causing some real confusion for Jude. It seems like not even his moms are sure about Jude’s sexuality, and while it certainly felt like he was mad because Connor was ignoring the pinky touching session the two shared at the movies, it still wasn’t clear exactly why Jude was mad at Connor. He could’ve simply been annoyed that his best friend kept ditching him for a girl. That would have been a perfectly normal and common explanation for his actions.

But The Fosters isn’t your normal, everyday show. It routinely brings up important and timely topics and the relationship between these two teen boys is no different. They are no different than other teens who are trying to find their way in a new relationship and worry about whether or not their feelings are being reciprocated. Jude never gave up and finally confronted Connor about what really went down in that tent (a kiss!) and Connor reciprocated once again. I am really looking forward to seeing how the show continues to deal with this relationship moving forward, especially given that Connor’s dad has always been worried about his son hanging out with a gay friend. He’s not going to like learning that his son is gay as well one bit.

Hopefully he won’t do anything rash or stupid to hurt Connor or Jude. I’m a little scared to see what he’s going to do and I swear if anyone lays a hand on sweet little Jude I may have to get in there and throw down. As is usually the case, I guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see how it all unfolds.

More Fosters family drama:

  • When Brandon says things like, “I would give up the tour and just about anything else for you to be part of this family. Don’t you get that by now?” it makes it easy to forget how immature he’s been acting about the whole band issue. Thank goodness Mike bought the baseball and saved him that regret!
  • I was glad to hear Monte reassure Lena’s feelings over not taking in Ana’s baby but I continue to worry about these two growing closer. I know we have no real reason to think Lena would do anything with Monte but I just have a nagging suspicion that doesn’t seem to go away when I see these two discuss personal issues. I better be wrong on this one!
  • Lou not understanding why Brandon doesn’t want to sell his grandfather’s baseball is just another reason I could easily see her go!
  • I really enjoyed the moment between Brandon and Mariana out on the porch talking about Callie. This is a pairing we don’t often see together and it was a really touching moment.
  • Just so we know, you know, for future reference in case we need it: Stef used to get turned on by Madonna while Lena was more of a Whitney girl.

Were you glad Callie finally told Stef the truth? Do you enjoy the Girls United stories as much as I do? What will happen with Jude and Connor? Am I totally off base with my worries about Lena and Monte? Take a look at the next all new episode here:

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