The Fosters’ Maia Mitchell on Brallie’s Future & Callie’s Adoption

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

Callie’s fate may finally be decided when she comes face to face with a judge on Monday’s midseason finale of The Fosters. After having met with a social worker in previous episodes, it’s now up to a judge to arbitrate whether or not she can be adopted by Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum). This comes as a bit of a surprise to Callie (Maia Mitchell) who thought all hope of being adopted was lost at the end of last week’s episode.  That’s also when she and Brandon (David Lambert) finally gave in to their feelings for one another.

With the adoption process moving along, will Callie and Brandon be forced to come clean? How will Callie helping Rita (Rosie O’Donnell) escape false charges factor into the judge’s decision? The TV Junkies recently checked in with Mitchell to get the answers to these and other questions about the finale, as well as Callie’s relationship with Brandon. Read on below for her thoughts.


The TV Junkies: Can you talk a little bit about what Callie was going through at the end of last episode and why she and Brandon finally gave in to their feelings?

Maia Mitchell: Brandon for Callie has always been this beacon of light when everything seems like it’s not going to work out. Especially with the family, he’s this salvation in her mind–not necessarily a good thing. They are really in love so when she really thought the adoption wasn’t going to be possible and she had admitted to certain things that would make her adoption not granted, she accepted her fate peacefully.

The combination of both her and Brandon being in a place where they are willing to go there–that hasn’t happened before, it’s always one or the other. I think it’s inevitable and what was always going to happen. In the season finale you see them really at peace with that decision and what they’ve done and quite blissfully happy together. Just calm and happy.

TTVJ: It doesn’t look like that happiness lasts long though given that the adoption does move forward. Does that mean more secret keeping for her and Brandon?

MM: Well that’s what they have to figure out and what they are dealing with in the season finale. They are so conflicted because they’ve both finally given in to this desire to be with each other and hadn’t really totally let themselves go there. Now that they have and they’ve had a taste of it, it’s all the more difficult for her to be adopted and potentially come clean. The idea of that is it more hurtful than just sweeping it under the rug? Or does she choose to be with Brandon rather than be with her family? They have to figure that out and you see them both in panic mode.

TTVJ: Will we see any resolution on Callie’s adoption in the finale?

MM: The court scene is interesting because she’s been standing up for foster kids and their rights and very involved in that with her Fost & Found app. Outing all of these people that are involved in the system and letting kids down and letting down the system–you’ll see her having to deal with the repercussions of that as well and really having to stand up for what she believes in.

I can’t say whether or not you get a resolution because that’ll give too much away. But definitely there’s some curveballs and some twists as far as the adoption is concerned.

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

TTVJ: Callie’s relationship with Rita is very important to her. Do we see Rita in the finale and what’s next for their relationship?

MM: Yes, you see Rita and Callie and their relationship stronger than ever. It’s so fantastic that Callie has this positive female role model and she’s surrounded by these amazing women which she’s never really had before. I think that’s awesome and an amazing relationship to have on TV. Rita is doing what Callie wants to do with her life. She’s very inspiring to Callie. I think Callie would do anything to be there for Rita and help Rita. You see Rita returning that favor and returning that friendship. You see them grow closer and stronger and she’s very present in the season finale. We love Rosie and working with Rosie and whenever we can have her we get her in.

TTVJ: While there’s definitely some passionate Brallie fans, there’s also fans who don’t want to see Callie and Brandon together. Can you relate to those fans who think they shouldn’t be together because they are siblings?

MM: I’m so on the fence with it. Every interview I do my answer changes to this. I’m so on the fence. Callie and Brandon are in love and they are young, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the most important thing when you’re a young person. When you’re a young person the most important thing is to work on yourself, be independent and grow yourself as a person. On the other hand they are totally in love and there’s the teenage gooey part of me that just wants to see that.

If it were to come between Brandon and having a family then absolutely she’s more in need of a family than a boyfriend. Honestly not everything is black and white, I think there’s a way for her to have both of those things. It’s not as black and white as the moms in the family are seeing it, and there’s no blueprint or structure for what makes a family anymore. Maybe there’s a way they can work it out so she can have both? They’re older and maybe she’s in the family through Brandon.

TTVJ: Anything else fans should look out for in the finale?

MM: Don’t expect anything. Have zero expectations. There are a lot of curveballs and twists and turns and I think it’ll be really exciting and fun to watch.

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The Fosters midseason finale airs Monday, August 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family and ABC Spark.