The Fosters: It can never just be easy

ABC Family/Eric McCandless
ABC Family/Eric McCandless

If we know one thing by now about life as a member of The Fosters’ family, it’s that things can never be easy. It seems that life always takes the hard, roundabout way of getting to things and there will always be obstacles to overcome in order to get what you truly want.

First up was Callie and starting the emancipation process that Stef came up with as their plan of attack against Robert’s custody challenge. As it turns out, Callie’s identity had been stolen and a debt of $24,000 has been accrued under her name. I am sorry, I don’t care how common this problem apparently is for foster children, this plot really felt over the top and melodramatic to me. Of course this is Callie and therefore NOTHING can ever be easy for her, but doesn’t she already have enough obstacles standing in her way through this whole ordeal? Did we really need to add another?

Callie is already dealing with the emancipation process, getting off probation and with Robert Quinn. This just felt over the top to add onto the heap of problems she already had. Sure, in the end we FINALLY got some justice and got to put away that creep Liam for good, but I just felt like that resolution came out of nowhere as a way for the writers to give purpose to this over dramatic credit card issue. To me Liam could’ve resurfaced way later down the road when more time and care could have been given to that resolution. Things just felt like they were wrapped up entirely too neat and tidy with this for my liking. All that being said, Callie, I do agree with Lena, “I’m really happy that you finally got that bastard!”

Mariana was also trying to do the right thing, and ensure her soon-to-be new half-sibling will be cared for properly and in a loving home. You can’t blame her for reaching out to Ana’s parents to take the baby, given that she is unaware of Stef and Lena’s plans to adopt. While I was glad to see Mariana forge a relationship with her grandparents, this just throws another wrench into things as you just know they are going to fight Stef and Lena for custody.

ABC Family/Eric McCandless
ABC Family/Eric McCandless

Here’s hoping I’m wrong and everyone just decides to get along. Fat chance, I know but really it’d be the best thing for all involved. Ana’s parents are older, and if the baby ends up with Stef and Lena it’ll have the opportunity to be raised with siblings Jesus and Mariana. It’d be nice to still keep the grandparents involved regardless of what happens with the baby. Mariana’s conversations with them this week proved how they’d be a great relationship to have in her life.

All this drama is of course trickling down and causing strain on Stef and Lena’s relationship. Lena has turned to her boss, Monte, and is discussing problems at home. Let me reiterate again to the writers of The Fosters how much I am not liking this story and not liking the bonding moments between Lena and Monte. I’m not liking it at all! I get Stef is not being the best wife she can be at this moment, but Lena cut her some slack. She’s got a lot on her plate and she’s just trying to save Callie and everyone in the family as best she knows how.

Does she need to open up and talk more? Yes. Should she realize by now you guys are a team and work together with you to solve these problems? Yes. But this is Stef, we all know how she operates, and Lena should as well. Instead of talking to Monte about the problems, Lena should continue to try to be open and talk with Stef. If she doesn’t want to talk, I don’t care, make her. But stop talking to Monte because we all know where this is headed and it’s nowhere good and nowhere I want to be. Let’s just hope that Lena nips any of the inevitable advances thrown her way by Monte in the bud very quickly and we can end this story.

Unfortunately, things seem as if they are only going to get worse and more complicated as The Fosters continue. But then again, that is the show we know and love so bring it on! Let’s just hope my heart can take it!

Family leftovers:

  • I don’t see things ending well for Jude and Connor. I hope I’m wrong about that but anything involving Connor’s dad doesn’t bode well for the pair.
  • I really do not care about Brandon and Lou. Does anyone out there care if these two make it? Anyone?
  • I do NOT want to get in a car with Jesus any time soon!
  • Who else has been binging on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and noticed that Liam is played by the same guy who plays Brandon Yeagley aka Cyndee Pokorny’s fiance?

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