The Flash: The truth is out

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

It finally happened. In one of the most anticipated moments of The Flash‘s first season, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin finally uncovered Wells’ secret chamber, where they discovered that Wells is actually from the future.

At the start of the episode, Barry said that he felt like his past was catching up to him, not realizing how close his future was looming as well. How will Barry react to the fact that he’ll go missing in less than a decade? Or will his preoccupation with the past keep him from delving any deeper?

“Who Is Harrisons Wells?” was a significant improvement from last week’s episode, with the major revelations about Wells and a far more interesting villain. This week the team faced off against a shapeshifting metahuman, Hannibal Bates, who has framed over a dozen people for petty crimes. While it’s definitely a plot we’ve seen before, framing Eddie for attempted murder elevated the drama as well as forcing his relationship with Iris to come to a head.

Eddie offered Iris the half truth that he’s been working with The Flash, but didn’t reveal his identity. Barry wasn’t impressed, but the question is, how Iris will react to it? Considering her career has been built on her coverage of speedster, does he really think she’ll sit by and not try to discover his real identity? This may have hurt more than it helped. Plus, Iris really proved she could be a valuable part of the team, finding proof about Bates through her own research and hacking skills.

Along with the mischievous shapeshifter, Barry had to contend with a skeptical Caitlin, who refused to believe that Wells is actually the Reverse Flash. After Barry stopped her from almost revealing their investigation, she admit that if Wells really is the Reverse Flash then her whole life’s work will have been for nothing. It’s sad to think that Cisco and Caitlin have really been the victims in all of this, used by a calculated madman to achieve his own selfish goals. That being said, they’re more than capable of rebuilding S.T.A.R. labs into a reputable force for good.

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

Joe and Cisco spent most of the episode in Starling City, where they met up with the Lance family. It was a real treat to see the two real “dad” characters of each show interact, even to the point of offering some parenting advice. Sadly, the former detective’s advice about keeping secrets from family may have fallen on deaf ears, with Joe stubbornly refusing to believe he’s in the wrong. Considering he refused to even tell Iris that he was headed to Starling, the West family may be destined to go the same path as Quentin and Laurel.

Meanwhile, Cisco’s scenes with Laurel were some of the best Laurel scenes we’ve seen in awhile. Truthfully, I think it had everything to do with Cisco’s treatment of her. It was so refreshing to see someone be genuinely excited to talk with her when we’re so used to seeing her being lectured or looked down on. Not to mention it was the first time we really got to see her take pride in her status as vigilante hero, now equipped with a supercharged “canary cry.” Now that’s what I call an ego boost.

Through the magic of time travel detection science, they found the discarded body of the real Harrison Wells, which Joe and Cisco were somehow able to transport back to Central City without any suspicion. With real evidence that something isn’t right in S.T.A.R. labs, Cisco took another look at the building layout and discovered a secret room with the same high tachyon count. The episode ended with Barry discovering the newspaper clipping of his disappearance in 2024, clueing them in that the Wells they know is actually from the future. Are you finally convinced, Caitlin?


  • Caitlin to Barry: “I can’t believe you’re pulling the dad card.” Low blow, man.
  • I’m glad someone mentioned that Hannibal Bates is probably the most serial killer name someone could have.
  • Now that Singh and the rest of CCPD are aware of metahumans, will Barry let them in on the makeshift metahuman prison in S.T.A.R. labs?
  • Eddie to Barry on refusing to escape: “Get me out of here the right way.” Eddie really is a good guy.
  • The photo of Cisco and Laurel as the Canary together were priceless. What a fanboy.

Were you happy to see the truth about Wells finally come out? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Next week the team sets a trap for Wells in the aptly titled episode, “The Trap.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CTV and The CW.