The Bachelor: The Final Rose

Bachelor Finale


On the season finale of The Bachelor, Chris Soules had to make the difficult decision of choosing between two lovely women: Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff.

After weeks of romantic getaways and hometown visits, Chris was finally given the opportunity to bring the women back to his own hometown to officially introduce them to his family. Both women were welcomed with open arms, but only one of them passed with flying colours. The other left quite a few doubts behind regarding her feelings for the bachelor.

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of Whitney, due to her over-the-top positive nature, Becca’s aloof attitude towards the entire process made it pretty clear that she wasn’t the one for Chris. Both women were asked about their feelings for him, and while Whitney gushed and expressed just how in love she was, Becca was entirely incapable of expressing any real emotion. In the normal world of dating, it’s fine to be unsure and take your time with your feelings, but this is The Bachelor! When you’ve reached the final two, you should probably know how you feel about someone – otherwise you don’t deserve to be there.

Throughout her conversation with Chris’ mother, Becca was unable to say that she was in love. When asked about potentially moving to Iowa to be with him, Becca remained unsure of where she saw herself in the future. Anyone that’s been in a relationship knows that relationships are hard work. Long distance is even harder. If you’re not even considering the possibility of moving to be near the person you love, then you’re probably not in love at all. When you love someone, just the thought of not being able to see them makes you miserable. All the power to Becca for staying true to herself, but Chris came on the show to find a wife, not a girlfriend.

However, from an analytical perspective, I understand Chris’ attraction to Becca. Rather than falling at his feet like Whitney, she kept her distance. The unfortunate truth is that many men enjoy a woman that makes them chase them – and she did just that. Thankfully Chris was not one of those men and went with the woman that was actually taking a future with him seriously.

The final rose ceremony took place in Chris’ beautifully decorated barn. I mean, it’s not exactly a tropical beach venue, but I appreciated the sentimentality (although I cringed at how many stairs the two very nervous women had to climb in their long gowns).

Becca was the first to arrive, and while Chris’ speech initially sounded like the prelude to a proposal, he finally informed her that he didn’t believe that he was the man that she needed. I think Becca’s overall lack of emotion and entirely non-existent tears reassured Chris that he’d made the right decision. They amicably parted ways as if nothing had ever even happened.

Finally, Whitney arrived and she was shaking like a leaf. While I occasionally questioned her authenticity, it was pretty clear that she cared a lot more about the outcome of Chris’ decision than Becca. Chris got down on one knee and asked Whitney to marry him, and of course she said yes. It was nice to see Whitney get what she wanted and just how happy she was that he chose her – she was definitely deserving of her happy ending. They both were.

After the Final Rose

The After the Final Rose special went rather smoothly and was entirely drama-free. I’ve always found it incredibly awkward when the bachelor is questioned about whether he has any regrets regarding his decision. Even if Chris actually did have regrets about choosing Whitney over Becca, I doubt live television would be the appropriate venue to discuss it. Thankfully, Chris answered every uncomfortable question relatively well (despite stumbling around when trying to put a full sentence together). Rather than looking back, he’s excited for his future with his new fiancée.

Jimmy Kimmel also stopped by for a short, hilarious visit. Jimmy certainly doesn’t hold back and he was quick to ask Chris and Whitney about their sex lives and whether they’ve gotten into any fights yet. He also gifted them with a cow named Juan Pablo! The perfect ending to this love story.

The Bachelorette

According to Chris Harrison, Bachelor Nation was split down the middle when making the decision regarding the identity of the next bachelorette, but I don’t buy it for a second.

Based on the reaction of the live studio audience and various online polls, I believe that the audience was very much in Kaitlyn’s favour. For whatever reason, the show has decided that next season will feature two bachelorettes instead of one: Kaitlyn and Britt. Who thought this would be a good idea? The Bachelorette is supposed to be a woman’s opportunity to make a decision regarding her romantic future – and now, once again, the male contestants have the power.

Kaitlyn was entirely right when she said that the situation “wasn’t ideal.” While Kaitlyn seemed pretty disappointed (as I believe a lot of fans are) with the decision, Britt seemed thrilled to return. Can you blame her? She was gifted with something that someone else deserved more. I can’t help but wonder if Britt has ever not gotten what she wanted.

I was actually looking forward to never having to see Britt on my television screen again – and now I’ll be subjected to even more of her poor acting skills and false tears. I’ll still watch the show for Kaitlyn, but I won’t be happy about it.

Hey The Bachelor, you still have time to change your mind. I sincerely hope you do.

Do you agree with Chris’ choice? What do you think of this new Bachelorette idea? Sound off in the comments below!