The Amazing Race Canada: Eliminated Police Officers On Traffic Jam Woes

CTV/Bell Media
CTV/Bell Media

With only six teams left, The Amazing Race Canada took us from the dusty plains of Saskatchewan to the busy streets of Kolkata, India, where the environment proved to be the real challenge.

While it looked like frontrunners Jesse and Gino Montani were on track to having their race cut short, it was married couple Brian and Cynthia Boyd who were the last to reach Jon Montgomery at the mat. So what do they think led to their elimination?

“Cabs and traffic,” the Boyds told The TV Junkies.

They explain that the challenges themselves weren’t as difficult as just being able to hail a cab driver and overcome the language barrier. “Getting in a traffic jam in plus 50 weather where it’s gridlock… everybody turns off their vehicles and they sit; there’s no movement,” Brian says. “That was the worst part about it.”

“Even before the race we were very aware that uncontrollable circumstances could be our downfall,” Cynthia adds, saying the heat and the crowds made getting around very chaotic. “We said that in the pre-interviews and there we were.”

When asked what the most difficult moment of the race was, Brian confirms that hearing from Montgomery that they were the last to arrive was difficult to take. Nonetheless, the Manitoba police officers are walking away with their heads held high. “It doesn’t take away from the entire experience. It was very positive and an adventure of a lifetime,” Cynthia says. “We were a very goal-oriented team. On that mat we didn’t leave anything behind… we gave it [our all] 100 per cent of the time.”

CTV/Bell Media
CTV/Bell Media

Their sweet message to the remaining teams

Much like Neil and Kristin Lumsden, the Boyds have nothing but good wishes for those remaining in the race. Though they do admit that the teams have made it very difficult to predict a winner. “This season has shown that a team can finish first and then in the next leg go down to the bottom pack, and go back and forth,” Cynthia says. “I truly see it could be anybody’s game and I think that’s what’s really exciting to watch.”

However, no matter who wins, there is one factor that they concern much more important than winning. “With the five teams remaining our biggest hope is that they all come back safe and sound and that they take care of each other,” Brian says.

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