TAR Canada goes where it all began


If you haven’t seen Tuesday night’s episode of TAR Canada then you’d better strap on your nose plugs, dive into your dog-earred copy of Anne of Green Gables and catch up immediately. After all, these reviews do typically contain spoilers.

The remaining five teams were faced with one of the tightest races yet when they flew from Quebec to P.E.I. in a bid to go back to where Canada began all those years ago. Not-so-conincidentally, the challenges also seemed to be about five times harder than they have been so far in this Race.

Physically, the teams had to pull each other like horses, slam the heck out of mussels, and in Rob and Ryan’s case, dig through #hotpoop. And yes, for those keeping track that was indeed the hashtag CTV deemed appropriate to display while the friends were looking for moonshine during their Speed Bump. “Hot Poop” also happened to be the episode title.

Mentally the teams had it just as tough when they needed to learn the identities of 10 founding fathers based solely on descriptions from their (actor) friends and family outside, which was no easy task. How Sukhi and Jinder figured it out so easily is beyond me–I watched several teams do it and I still couldn’t tell you who the 10 fathers are.

In the end, it was Audrey and Alain who missed out on making it to the next round by a few hidden sock mussels and a wrong turn. But really, they sort of win anyhow because they got a great proposal story and if they’re lucky, maybe a televised wedding on CTV. While I was sad to see them go (was anyone actually rooting for Rob and Ryan at this point?), the new rivalry between the Olympians and Sukhi and Jinder was way more interesting.

To be clear, I would love to see Meaghan and Natalie win this race. Strong women teams are so few and far between that it’s just a feel good story all around. They work well together even when they get tense and bicker, and they always seem to have each other’s backs. Speaking of, they’ve had a target on theirs since the beginning, and they’ve really had to work to stay on top. Sukhi and Jinder have grown on me, but it was kind of crappy of them to attempt to point in the wrong direction and try to screw up Natalie and Meaghan. It felt like something we’d see on the American version of this show. Or from now-eliminated Pierre and Michel. If Sukhi and Jinder aren’t careful, they could replace the French brothers as the hated team now, especially after U-turning Rob and Ryan, who already had a Speed Bump, a couple of weeks ago.

Myself, I would be equally happy with Mickey and Pete–poor, poor Pete who couldn’t read the delegate clue properly–taking this thing. Although if I’m being honest, I do have concerns that winning that much money would be a true culture shock for them and they’d blow it all at once. On hugs, perhaps? But really what does that matter–it would be their money to with as they see fit. And this world could always use more hugs.

Hopefully they’ll live to see another week in this Race and get at least one more happy hug out of Jon, who refused to let their mussel-stench bodies touch his or the poor girl dressed as Anne of Green Gables on the mat this time around.

Racing to the end:

  • Sukhi and Jinder looked a little too happy to see Ryan and Rob still in the Race at the airport. I thought they all hated each other?
  • Who knew that Mickey was a track star? If that didn’t make him more endearing to everyone … well I don’t know what will. Those guys will not have a problem getting a girlfriend after this show.
  • Sukhi wins with quote of the night, when describing how she memorized a founding father: “Robert B. Dickey. I imagined he had a big …” yeah.
  • Enough with the product placement. Did the teams really need to fill up at Petro? And pay on the Amazing Race Canada with an AMERICAN Express card?
  • Kudos to the show for mentioning Lucy M. Montgomery. If only the teams had to actually wear wigs and spout lines from her books.
  • Notice how no one picked the math option on the Detour. Just goes to show you that no one actually likes math, despite what they say. That, or maybe everyone on this Race just really hates potatoes.
  • I hope Sukhi and Jinder also win a shower with that first place finish. And that they use it figuratively to run a clean Race from here on in too.


The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.

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