Survivor Interview: Peih-Gee Law Gets Blindsided

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

Sure Survivor may have returned 3 weeks ago, but we can now mark it official as we’ve experienced our first straight up blind side of the season. Peih-Gee Law had many fans sitting on the fence, with several picking her for an early game exit. After a surprise tribe mix-up that resulted with Law in a numbers advantage, things seemed to be going well. Unfortunately an earlier altercation with Abi-Maria would have devastating results.

In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies, Law opens up about what went wrong in her new Angkor tribe, which of her fellow tribe-mates has the best sense of humor and what it was like to live with one of Survivor’s  most annoying players ever.

The TV Junkies: At what point did you realize you were the one going home?

Peih-Gee Law: When the last vote was read. Something they didn’t show was, Savage and Tasha had actually come up and were talking to me and Woo and shook our hands and said they wanted to work with us. They said we seemed like more trustworthy, rational people than Jeff and Abi, which totally made sense to me as it’s why I wanted to work with them. So they shook our hands and everything and said we were in an alliance. When they said they were going to vote out Abi with me, I totally believed them.

TTVJ: When the tribe swap first happened, were you worried at all or did you feel secure that you had the numbers?

PL: The natural assumption is we were all going to work together, that we were going to stay strong and vote out the two people from the other tribe. That’s what made sense to me. So you feel a little bit safe but never 100 percent safe ever.

TTVJ: When Tasha initially called Jeff a rat, what was the reaction like among the tribe. Were you suspicious of Jeff, or did it seems inconsequential at the time because you had the majority?

PL: When she called him a rat I wasn’t suspicious because he had already informed me that he was going to try and send a message to our former alliance people on the other tribe. What DID make me suspicious was his outburst afterwards. I think he felt very put on the spot and kind of panicked. He went ‘you want to see a rat? Let me show you who’s a rat. Woo’s making deals over there, Peih-Gee’s making deals over here.’ He started calling us all out and suddenly, I felt attacked. Like, why was he putting my name out there in front of everybody? It really made for a lot of chaos.

TTVJ: How much effort went into establishing a new camp, once you guys saw you had to start from scratch?

PL: Oh man! Your immediate reaction is not to put in any effort because you’ve already expended so much energy and you know that there is no food coming. So we didn’t want to make a shelter but we still needed to try and get food. Our camp was really hilly, I think it was really unfair because the other beaches were totally flat. This one was really hilly. Even to get water it was like a ten minute hike uphill. I put in a lot of work, I’m really upset they didn’t show any of it. I gathered all the food for us, I found giant clams the size of our head but it was rough going.

Monty Brinton/CBS
Monty Brinton/CBS

TTVJ: Abi-Maria comes across as intolerable, you had your own run in with her regarding her bag and bracelet. What is life like with AbiMaria around 24/7? 

PL: You guys only see five minutes per episode of how intolerable she is, I saw it 24 hours of the day. It was pretty messed up. Something about Survivor seems to bring out the worst in her I suppose. She would say things like, ‘look at Peih-Gee and Kelly Wiglesworth are working so hard to make us look bad.’ I don’t know how to reason with somebody who says crazy things like that. There were times when I thought she was bipolar and I was like ‘how did she get past psychological testing to get on the show?’ But I think it was more, that she directed most of it towards me which was too bad. I’m not used to dealing with that in my normal life. Maybe her strategy is to annoy people so much that they just want themselves to get voted off to not be around her anymore.

TTVJ: How does someone as volatile as Abi continue to slide by early on? Is it just an example of everyone thinking long game? 

PL: Yes! One thousand percent. People are literally only keeping her around because they cannot stand her and they know that everyone else can’t stand her and she will be an easy vote. Even Terry last episode, when he came to her rescue, he came up to me and said ‘man, I can’t stand her. We only need to keep her for this one vote. The next vote, I promise we will vote her out and it will make us all happy.’ So literally every person has said that and it’s really too bad that a personality like that now gets rewarded be getting dragged to the end, but in my opinion someone like her will never win.

TTVJ: As a veteran player, what are your thoughts on hiding immunity idols in challenges? 

PL: I think it was an awesome idea. We’ve seen so much idol play and idols are fun to have in the game, they create more strategy around them. It was almost getting kind of boring to see people randomly finding them out in the middle of the woods. So I think this is really brilliant, people would not have thought to look for idols at the challenges. You really only think to look for them if you have the clue, I thought it was really fun as a viewer.

TTVJ: Now in the future, some diehard fans may be looking for idols among the challenges without a clue!

PL: [laughs] I’d be looking for them even in my dreams.

TTVJ: Who among the players you played with had the best sense of humor?

PL: Jeff Varner, one thousand percent. He and I got along very well. Wicked sense of humor, hilarious stuff. I think a lot of people on my tribe were actually really funny. I’m kind of glad I didn’t end up on the churchy tribe, Bayon on the other side. I’m sure they are very nice and sweet and peaceful but I like people who talk a little bit of shit every now and again. Shirin is really funny, Kelley Wentworth is actually hilarious with a dirty sense of humor.

TTVJ: Do you feel there was any part of your game that didn’t make the edit? 

PL: Yes, most of my game didn’t make the edit and it’s really too bad that they turned most of my entire storyline into a bad soap opera. But I had really good relationships with every other person I came across besides Abi-Maria and I worked really hard at camp. Like I said, at the new camp I found these giant clams that were the size of my head. We had them all underwater near our beach and I called it my clam garden. I would sit and look at them as if they were my little pets. So I wish they had shown more of that but you know, there is only so much time in each episode.


What did you think of Peih-Gee’s blindside? Do you think Abi-Maria can continue to slide by? Who is your favourite to win it all? Sound off below!

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