Survivor Interview: Fan Favourite Joe Anglim is Blue Collar’s latest victim


The mighty have fallen.

Making it to the merge down in numbers, it was only a series of immunity wins keeping fan favourite Joe Anglim in the game. On last week’s episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart, Joe failed to keep his streak alive and although he made perhaps the best fake idol Survivor has seen yet, was voted out by the majority alliance. In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies, Joe discusses finding the immunity clue during the food challenge, reveals where he got the items to make his necklace and comments on how he would play differently, if given a second chance.

The TV Junkies: At what point did you realize you were the one going home? Did you hold out hope until the last vote that it may be Jenn instead of you?

Joe Anglim: Going into the vote, I knew that the probability of me going home was high, but I never threw in the towel, I was always trying to be as hopeful as possible. I was trying to act as confident as I could to keep up the facade that I really did have an idol and keep it in everyone else’s mind that “Joe’s going to be here next vote.”

TTVJ: How frustrating was it to be giving it your all and to have Jenn constantly talk about wanting to go home?

JA: It actually kind of helped me a little bit, as I used it to tell everyone else “Hey, she doesn’t want to be here, let’s send her home.” Everything in this game either helps you or hurts you depending on perspective. So I think it was more advantageous for me to say “let’s get rid of her.” Even though she was part of my “alliance” I wanted anything to help me get one day further in the game.

TTVJ: What was your strategy going into the game? Were you able to stick to it?

JA: I knew going into the game that I was going to be targeted as a threat. Physically I’m aware that I’m a Malcolm, Ozzy-esque type player by looks alone. I was just going to try and play off that I was an artsy guy, maybe try to downplay my physicality a little bit. Unfortunately the first challenge, it just shone through that I was much more of a threat than I would ever lead on. So from day one it was kind of what you see is what you get, and there wasn’t anyone else that really stood out like me.

TTVJ: Would things have turned out differently for the No Collar tribe had Vince stuck around?

JA: Absolutely, it would totally have changed the game if it had been myself, Vince, Hali and Jenn. Would the outcome have been the same? Maybe, you never really know. If I could have established a lot of trust with Vince from the get go, for sure it would totally have been different. Maybe we stay four strong and could pull in a couple votes at the merge. Every decision you make in the game is a ripple effect and everything happens for a reason.

TTVJ: When did you first start collecting items for your fake immunity idol?

JA: I had the idea for the idol ever since I started watching the show. I knew I was going to try to make one in the show and I started collecting stuff around the merge. It’s hard before that because there are limited items around camp. But once we got some food items and some paints and brushes, I took a couple things from the tackle box and some beads from my torch and started putting it together.

TTVJ: On the reward challenge where you got the immunity clue, how much time passed between when you saw the clue, and when you were able to remove it from the bottle?

JA: It actually was pretty fast. I noticed it in Carolyn’s bottle as soon as she was almost done. I was the first one to the reward so I kind of glanced around for a clue; you know opened up the napkins slowly. Everyone looked and we couldn’t find it so we decided it wasn’t there. We talked for a couple hours and were eating pretty slowly when I noticed I was just like “I really wish I had some soda. I’m so thirsty.” Carolyn wasn’t drinking hers at the time. I kind of wish I’d said I had to go to the restroom or something, rather than try to swallow the clue.


TTVJ: Would you have shared the clue with anyone if Tyler hadn’t of noticed?

JA: No, absolutely not. I would have kept that to myself! Thats one thing I’ve learned about this game, especially in my situation where everyone is out to get me. Any information that I shared with anyone else would probably be shared with everyone else so I would have kept it to myself in this instance. If I had a stronger alliance, I would totally have shared it with someone else. But in this case, no.

TTVJ: When Mike congratulated you publically for finding an idol when you hadn’t, did it throw you off at all? Did you have anyone coming up to you privately to ask about it?

JA: Once he kind of established that it was like a “Now what?” moment for me. I knew everyone thought I had it which was good for me because no one else would be looking for it. I was trying to decide if Mike was playing this to stalemate me, or if he actually believed I had it. So I just kept looking for it but it was hard because I had eyes on me all the time.

TTVJ: Will seemed like a wildcard at times. How much gameplay discussion did you have with him personally before the merge?

JA: We talked briefly about some strategy before the mix up. I said to him, that everyone else was going to think the No Collar four were tight so let’s play it off that Will and I were together, and their girls were together and that we didn’t trust the girls. The plan was to stick to that but it’s hard when you only have four players, there isn’t a lot of BS you can do going into a swap situation. Unbeknownst to me, Will was all ready to flip any direction away from us three.

TTVJ: Fans are already pleading to give you another go at it, Jeff Probst even tweeted on the subject. If you were to play again what would you change about your gameplay to ensure greater success?

JA: I think I would just change my self awareness and be a little more open to other people’s suggestions. I would still play hard but a little smarter. This time around I didn’t get the chance to play much of a strategic game so I would try to play a much more strategic game next time I play.

Were you sad to see Joe voted off? Do you hope there’s a way he’ll get another go at things? Sound off in the comments below.

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