Survivor Interview : Joaquin discusses his one big regret

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After the tribe mix-up on Survivor: Worlds Apart, Joaquin Souberbielle seemed to have reemerged in the game, and found himself aligned with the blue collars and Rodney in particular. Unfortunately, his budding bromance was a concern to the rest of his alliance and after throwing a challenge, he was voted out. In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies, Joaquin admits his one big regret, tells us what it’s like to play with tribe mates who insist on being naked and says he was completely blindsided.

The TV Junkies: At what point did you realize you were the one going home? Was it when the final vote was revealed, or did you have any indication beforehand?

Joaquin Souberbielle: Probably ten minutes after I was already voted off. I don’t even remember, you go into shock. My name hadn’t been brought up all along and then my torch was snuffed and when I walked off it still didn’t seem real. Ten minutes later on the way to Ponderosa it’s like “Holy Shit, did that just really happen?”

TTVJ: What was your strategy going into the game, and were you able to stick to it?

JS: I just wanted to be very social, and I think I stuck to that. I’m from New York so I’m really aggressive and its usually my way or the highway, so I knew I had to tone it down. I just started to get into the feel of the game and BOOM! I got blindsided and it was time to go home.

TTVJ: Looking back to the beginning of the game, the bag of beans scenario, would you change the decision you made? Do you think a different choice would have affected the outcome of your game?

JS: Yeah, that’s probably my biggest mistake. I would do anything to go back and have my girl So in the game. She’s a warrior and of course I regret it. I wish I could go back and give her a couple more days if not weeks in the game.

TTVJ: What was it like to have two of your tribemates (Max and Shirin) strut around naked?

JS: At first it was all fun and games, ha-ha, lol or whatever. Although nothing is funny looking at Shirin obviously. It got to the point when she was squatting naked while doing laundry or dinner and it was kind of like “Alright clean yourself up, you have a corporate job, keep it together.” Everything was for the cameras with those two.

TTVJ: During his time with the blue collar tribe, Rodney came across as abrasive. What do you see in Rodney that the viewers may have missed?

JS: Rodney’s a champ man, he’s my boy! The viewers are going to have plenty of time to see Rodney do his thing. I just saw Rodney as one of my friends back home and finally I had someone to talk to that I had a lot of things in common with. We would joke around and talk about real things. For the first time in two and a half weeks I had a really close friend that I knew I could take home with me and we’d be best of friends basically forever.

TTVJ: When you sat out the immunity challenge, did you know your tribe was trying to throw the challenge?

JS: I didn’t know. Rodney did talk to me a couple of times about it, and Tyler tried to convince him it wasn’t worth it yet but no one told me we were definitely doing it. Obviously if I knew, I would have stayed in and played the game. It wasn’t that obvious was Mike was talking to Kelly to throw the game. We can’t hear anything, the only reason the audience could is because we are mic’d up. So I was completely out of the loop.

TTVJ: With the looks of a possible merge next episode, you must be disappointed coming just short of a chance for individual play.

JS: You guys know just as well as I do that I’m a challenge beast out there. The only thing I wanted to do was get to individual play so I could play for myself and not be held back by anybody.

TTVJ: How did you get cast on Survivor?

JS: I got lucky man! I’ve never watched the show or applied for it. I was just at the right place at the right time, walking through the streets of L.A. and I was actually on Tinder at the time trying to pick up girls while on vacation. I came across a beautiful hot blonde Ally, and she got my casted and helped me go through the process. Before I knew it I was flying to Nicaragua.

TTVJ: Would you play again?

JS: I would play in a heartbeat! Now that I know what the time is all about. I’ve watched last season, this season and I’ll be watching all of the seasons to come. I can’t wait to gain more knowledge and hopefully get my name called again to come back and really tear this apart.

Survivor: Worlds Apart, airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Global.