Survivor Interview: Jenn Brown Explains Herself


On this season of Survivor: Worlds Apart Jenn Brown had viewers divided. While some appreciated her laid back attitude when it came to strategic game-play, others called it lazy. In previous weeks they’d seen her ask to be sent home only to see fan favourite Joe get the boot instead. In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies, Jenn explains her game-play decisions, weighs in on Shirin’s decision to veto Will’s request and even gets a dig in at the Toronto Maple Leafs!


The TV Junkies: At what point did you realize you were the one going home?

Jenn Brown: Like four tribals before that!

TTVJ: What was your strategy going into the game? Were you able to stick to it?

JB: I was probably one of the most ill-prepared people going into that game. You know Joe had watched videos on how to do everything and everyone had been planning their strategies for months. I was cast really late, right before the game started pretty much. So I didn’t really have one, I was like “you know we’ll see what happens.” My strategy of not knowing kind of worked out for awhile, I thought I did alright. I think my strategy was to not be a dick to everyone, which no one else in the game seemed to have that strategy.

TTVJ: What was the biggest factor that made you want to leave the game?

JB: It wasn’t that I necessarily that I wanted to leave, I still wanted to play. I was having a good time doing challenges, I was never really like “get me out right now.” It was more strategic when I said that, and that’s what you saw in the edit. The only thing that really made me dislike being there, was the other people and how horrible they were to others who didn’t deserve it. For example, I get people being horrible to Dan, because Dan’s horrible to other people, but Shirin did not do anything to anyone and I didn’t understand why people were so mean to her.

After the merge when we got rid of Kelly I heard Mike was telling people “don’t talk to the No Collars, we need to get them on the outs. No one even look at them.” I was like “why? It’s a game but we are still human, don’t treat us like dog shit.” So it was kind of weird and I didn’t like that people were being so cruel to each other.

TTVJ: You’ve been adamant that you didn’t quit the game. Do you have a response to those who point out that your desire to leave the game lined up with your alliance being voted out?

JB: Every single person that has played Survivor, and I’ve talked to many former players, have at one point or another been like “F this game, I don’t want to be here right now.” Everyone has thought that, mine has gotten aired because I was a little more vocal about it and didn’t just say it in interviews I said it at tribal council. I was like “Yeah this sucks doesn’t it guys? It’s raining and we’re cold. Screw this place I don’t like it.” When it got to the point of telling people to vote me out, it was strategic in my mind. I figured with Joe and me next that if I tell them to vote for me they probably wouldn’t vote for me because everyone wants to take someone like that to the end because no one will ever vote for them. It worked out for a vote!

TTVJ: You were fairly passionate during your exit interview. Was that the heat of the moment or do you still feel the same way? 

JB: A lot of people said it was funny but I thought it was mean. It was definitely in the heat of the moment, I don’t hate anyone from the game. I don’t really hate anyone in general. But I apologized to Sierra; I was like “Dude I’m so sorry you know I don’t think you suck,” and to Carolyn, “you know I don’t hate you.” Especially not as much as Dan or whatever I said. It was more in the heat of the moment from what happened that day with the big Will blow up that was so horrible. That’s more of why I was saying it you know? “Sierra sucks because she never came with us. I hate Dan and Mama C.” It was because they didn’t do anything that day but it’s not that big of a deal anymore.

TTVJ: During the Survivor auction, did you consider saving your money for the impending advantage at all?

JB: Hell no! I was on the outs and I knew buying the advantage could have kept me around one more turn, but there were five other players vying for that advantage. A one in five shot of maybe getting an advantage that could help me vs. maybe not getting it or any food – no way! Plus the Survivor auction is my favourite thing on the planet. I always get so excited for those. So I was like “No I’m going to buy stuff that I want.” My goal in this game was to have fun which I did, so I wasn’t going to sit around and not buy stuff.

TTVJ: You were bidding against Will for the first item that sent him back to camp. Had you won that box of provisions would you have shared it or kept it to yourself?

JB: You know I’ve never thought that far into it because I do remember bidding against Will. We had all talked before the auction and decided what we were all going to bid for. For example if there was a shower, Sierra was going to bid for it, if there was food I was. So we didn’t want to bid against each other, we wanted everyone to get what they wanted. I looked at Will and was like “you and take this.” He said “Thanks girl!” and bid for it. I remember thinking after he got kicked out if that had been me I might have just stood up and quit right there and walked out, flipped off Jeff Probst and walked out because there is nothing that could have happened to me worse in the game then him kicking me out of my favourite thing in the game before it even started.

That’s the only place I’ve ever gone to with that, I’ve never even thought about getting the provisions. But would I have shared them? No way. I love dried fruit and nuts. So I would not have shared. It wouldn’t have been hard to hide because I lived in a cave. I moved all my stuff to a cave and I could have just hidden it over there and shared with Shirin and Mike, but no one else.

TTVJ: When it came to the next challenge, and Shirin vetoed Will getting his love letters, what was the tribe reaction like? And how do you feel about it?

JB: I knew that was going to happen, hell if Shirin hadn’t of raised her hand I would of! It was ridiculous. It was a long drawn out process when he did that and they decided to let everyone vote. There was no way Will was going to win that challenge so it wasn’t like he was losing anything so it was kind of ridiculous to even request it. So I knew she was going to raise her hand. I didn’t raise my hand because I didn’t want to make more waves then I needed to.

TTVJ: In your Ponderosa video, life seemed very harmonious with just Hali, Joe and yourself. Did that change once more eliminated players arrived?

JB: No. Ponderosa was the best 11 days of my life!

TTVJ: Has this experience bittered Survivor for you, would you be willing to play again?

JB: Of course I’d play again, its fun and it’s a vacation for a month even if you’re the first person voted out. So yeah I’d play again in a heartbeat.

TTVJ: How did you get cast in Survivor in the first place?

JB: I sent in an audition tape. It was literally a cellphone video of me for like maybe 40 seconds and then I got a call 20 minutes later.

TTVJ: Post Survivor, what’s next for you?

JB: I am moving to the Caribbean in a couple of weeks to live on a sailboat!

TTVJ: I’ve read you like hockey, do you have a favourite team and/or player?

JB: I love the L.A. Kings. One of our players just got arrested in Las Vegas, which is fun. I’m a big Kings fan, I don’t have anything harsh against the Blackhawks. I don’t have anything against the Bruins, I used to be from Massachusetts. I really hate the Stars, but I hate most Dallas teams, which would cause Mike and I to butt heads because he’s a fan of Dallas. Hockey’s a fun sport and its fast paced – oh your Canadian?

TTVJ: Yeah Toronto, so we like to consider ourselves the center of the hockey universe right?

JB: Sure, you guys win the Stanley Cup all the time! What was it 1960? Hahahaha! Yeah I’m a huge Kings fan but I’ve lived in LA for a long time so it was before one of the cups. I’m not a bandwagon fan. I even used to work at the Staples Center.

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