Survivor’s Kelly: “I understand now it’s a little more personal”

Survivor, Kelly Exit Interview
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There aren’t many contestants whose game can be categorized as “roller-coaster like” as Survivor: Worlds Apart‘s Kelly Remington. After the tribe mix up she found herself alone and cut off from her alliance, only to be spared when her old tribe mates threw the challenge to help keep her around. The post merge reunion was cut short however, as Kelly was targeted by the minority alliance left, and through use of an idol was sent home. In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies, Kelly tells us why she was the target of the remaining No Collars, dishes on Rodney’s behaviour around camp and walks us through her bloody head injury.


The TV Junkies: When did you realize you were the one going home?

Kelly Remington: I think I realized it when Jenn actually pulled out her idol, that I was in trouble because it was mentioned to me by Sierra that they were coming after me. I really didn’t think I had to worry about it because we didn’t think there were any idols out there and I had seven of us, but once Jenn pulled that idol that’s when I knew I was definitely in trouble.

TTVJ: Are you surprised you were the target of the remaining No Collars?

KR: Yes! yes yes, I was shocked. I was like, ‘why is she coming after me?’ Honestly because in the challenges I wasn’t a big threat. I thought she was going for a guy who could win single immunities. I didn’t think I was a person controlling anything or the biggest threat at that point so I didn’t  understand why she chose me but I understand now it’s a little more personal. At the end of the day she came after me more because of my alliances I had with them, and then I switched back over to the Blue Collar so it all made sense.

TTVJ: What was your strategy going into the game and were you able to stick to it?

KR: Absolutely, my strategy was similar to Tony and Sara in Season 28, in that we are all police officers. I knew I was going in there not telling people what I did for a living. I was trying to be low key. Not fight about food let the other big personalities like Lindsey and Rodney go at it and fight so it would take the target after me. So my strategy was to get along, make a good alliance–which I did with Mike–and hopefully blue collar would take it all the way to the end.

TTVJ: Speaking of police officers, what’s the reaction been like from your co-workers?

KR: Its been awesome! I’ve had great support. Lots of emails, texts and phones calls saying, “Great job, way to represent all law enforcement.” Its been amazing, everyone thinks I’ve played a great game.

TTVJ: Before the merge, what was going through your mind during the immunity challenge when you realized Mike was trying to throw it?

KR: When I realized he was trying to throw it, it became real to me how much of an alliance I had with Mike. I wasn’t really sure at that point, I knew up to the split we were good. Once he started throwing the challenge I realized the Blue Collars want me back to stick to our original game plan. You never try to throw a challenge because you never know; you may be the one going home if anyone notices. So it really solidified my relationship with Mike and Blue Collar, once I got back there that we would all stick together.

TTVJ: Had they not thrown the challenge, do you feel you would have been voted out at that tribal?

KR: I do, it would have been myself or Shirin. But I definitely think it would have been me because once we merged, the five Blue Collars would be  strong again and they didn’t want that to happen. So I think I would have went home that night had they not thrown the challenge.

TTVJ: Walk us through your head injury from the previous challenge. Did it feel as bad as it looked on TV?

KR: When it happened,I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought I ran into a tree and with all of the adrenaline I thought it was sweat down my face I didn’t realize it was blood until Jeff stopped the game. But we needed those chickens, and it was the only thing on my mind, that we needed to win this challenge. I was like, “‘Nothing’s going to stop us. Let’s wrap the head up and we will fix it when it’s done.’ It didn’t affect me in any way. Once it was over they threw six stitches in there and we kept on going. So it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Survivor, Kelly Exit interview
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TTVJ: How much time did you spend looking for an immunity idol?

KR: They don’t show it but we did spend a lot of time. The blue collar tribe all went looking together, and then Lindsey, Sierra and I would look when we would go swimming. We would spend a majority of the day trying to find them, but then we thought maybe Jeff wasn’t putting idols out there this season, because maybe Season 30 was different. So we stopped searching maybe as much as we should have. Obviously Jenn played hers.

TTVJ: With your time on the Blue Collar tribe, Rodney came across as very confrontational. Can you give some insight to what Rodney is like in person?

KR: Rodney is awesome. This is a game and a  lot of our attitudes and actions out there aren’t who we are. Rodney is true and true. He is loud and he tells you what’s on his mind. It makes it look like he’s confrontational inside the game but outside the game he’s just a teddy bear, a great guy.

TTVJ: How did you get cast on Survivor in the first place?

KR: I made a video with my neighbour about four years ago. I live on Grand Island so I went down by the water and told Jeff that if I could survive on this island, I know I could survive on his island. I am in the military, I’m in the state police. I know how to read people, build shelter and fire. I can get along but also make moves if I had to so I was the perfect candidate to play Survivor.

TTVJ: Would you play again?

KR: Hell yes Hands down!


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