Supernatural: Something hinky in Hibbing


Hibbing, Minnesota. Just a normal place filled with normal law-abiding salt-of-the-earth people. And a few very hippy vampires with unusual eating habits. Last night’s episode of Supernatural had the boys hot on the trail of unexplained murders as usual. “Hibbing 911” was a little different, though, because the boys joined forces with two badge-toting ladies.

I love it when guest stars make a reappearance! I especially love when those guest stars are ladies. Not just one lady, but two! Lord knows Supernatural doesn’t have many of those around these days. Even better, these ladies were well-developed characters with complex back stories.

Last time we saw the irrepressible Sheriff Donna Hanscum she was getting the fat sucked out of her by a Peruvian pishtaco (fish taco?). She met Sam and Dean in their FBI guise but never clued in to the fact that the boys were actually professional monster hunters. This time around, though, Donna turned out to be a great asset to the boys. On the surface she seemed like a bubbly airhead with low self-esteem and a cute Minnesotan accent, but underneath she was also a surprisingly efficient officer of the law with a background in hunting and a can-do attitude.

And then there’s Sheriff Jody Mills (is Kim Rhodes a series regular yet?). She started out as an acquaintance of Bobby Singer, but she has quickly found a place in the hearts of Supernatural fans. Jody isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine like Donna–can you blame her after all she’s been through? But beneath that tough exterior is a woman with a big heart who has become a surrogate mother to Sam and Dean, and a foster mother to a former vampire teen. She’s also someone whose instincts the boys have come to rely on and with good reason. So when she called Sam and Dean to let them know something hinky was going on at the Hibbing Sheriff’s Retreat, they took notice.

It seemed inevitable that Jody and Donna’s diametrically opposed personalities would clash, but I guess opposites do attract. It turned out the two sheriffs had more in common than they initially thought. They were both pretty much alone in the world, having both lost their husbands – granted Donna’s ex was still very much alive, but he was a total douchebag, so the point still stands.

When folk started turning up devoured to the core like harvest apples, Jody knew to alert the boys, but she didn’t wait around for them to handle the situation for her.  Jody is enough of a monster-hunting pro by now to handle most supernatural cases by herself. Plus, she had the sharp-eyed and sharpshooting Donna by her side. After all, it was Donna who happened upon the hottest lead in the case: Sheriff Len Cuse of Hibbing hovering over a dead body and flashing a lot more pointy pearly whites than had business being in a human mouth. It’s nice to see a civilian crack a case before the Winchesters do, for once. Not all cops have to be chumps.

While the boys did their FBI spiel, Jody and Donna decided do some snooping of their own. I didn’t know lock-picks were standard issue gear for regional police officers, but you learn something new every day. Even after Donna turned up the next big bread crumb in the case, the boys were all for leaving the womenfolk behind while they went after the perp. The girls soon set them straight, though. And a good thing to, because it soon became clear that the boys were going to need back up.

Despite his pointy teeth, Sheriff Cuse was actually a nice guy, a reformed vampire of the vegetarian variety–a “tiger, eating salad” if you will. Unfortunately, the vampire nest he had formed back in the summer of love had come back to haunt him and they wanted him back at all costs. Apparently Len had been hot stuff in the Age of Aquarius and had turned a bunch of hippy kids, teaching them to eat every part of their human kill in a twisted kind of sustainable hunting ethos. But then he grew a conscience and left the life.

Long story short, the family reunion got a little dramatic and everybody started losing their heads over it. Who hasn’t been there, amirite? Luckily, Donna was there to put a stop to it with the business end of a machete and a swift chop to the neck area, bagging her first monster. Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of this kickass Minnesotan! Oh, and the boys helped too.

Supernatural asides:

  • There were so many good quotes in this episode that I can’t even confine my pick to one. So here’s my pick for the most quotable exchange, proving just how seriously Dean takes his fake FBI job:

Dean: “This badge means something”
Sam: “I made it at Kinkos”
Dean: “Exactly. Be proud of that”

  • Wow, the flashback of Jody’s family really took me back–all the way back to Season 5 no less. That zombie episode was a dark chapter in Supernatural’s history.
  • It’s funny, Supernatural introduced me to a lot of classic rock hits, but I haven’t really been paying attention to the soundtrack lately. “The Weight” by The Band stood out in this episode though. What’s your favourite Supernatural classic rock song? Do you own the soundtrack?!
  • Once upon a time Sam had the monopoly on puppy dog eyes. Now Dean is giving them to his little brother to get him to work a case. In a puppy-dog-eyes matchup between the boys, which Winchester would win? Let me know in the comments…

Next week is the mid-season finale and it looks like Dean’s Mark of Cain situation isn’t as under control as he thinks. See you then!

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, or catch up on the current season now.