Supernatural: What We Think of Season 11 So Far

We aren’t quite halfway through Season 11 of Supernatural but we’ve seen enough to get an idea of where it might be heading. Dean has weird chemistry with Amara, she is bent on revenge against her big brother, and Sam has gotten himself stuck in the Cage with Lucifer of all people! And I think we’re all wondering when God eventually shows up, will he be played by Rob Benedict again?

Here are some things I’ve really liked about Season 11 so far:

Scarier monsters

Aggressive black-veined zombies? Creepy mascot heads that won’t come off? Bloodthirsty ghoulpires that are ridiculously hard to kill? Yes please! Not to mention the fact that one of my favourite Supernatural villains is back in town. Good to have you back Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)! All in all, this season’s monsters of the week have been bringing it.

Billie the Reaper

She’s only been in one episode so far but I hope we see more of her! When this season first started I was waiting anxiously to see what the fallout from Death’s death would be. Billie (Lisa Berry) delivered it perfectly: a creepy little song and a warning to Sam that he and Dean’s Get Out of Death Free card had been revoked indefinitely.

Impala POV episode


It was great to see the Impala get its due. I thought the writers would have the car turn into a person or something (there’s a lot of fan fiction to that effect) but I really liked how they handled it. It was such an fascinating peek into the mundanity of life as a hunter. I actually enjoyed the moments between the fighting and blood spatter most, like Sam and Dean laughing together, or Dean telling Sam about the recurring dreams he has about their father.

Meeting Sam’s imaginary friend

I was rolling my eyes when this episode first started, but Nate Torrence’s performance as Sully managed to melt my cynical heart. It was so sweet to see this being who still felt protective of and responsible for his grown up former charge and how Sam is initially resistant to that, but eventually acknowledges that he still needs his imaginary friend. It’s a role we usually see Dean playing, but it was a nice change to see a friendly suspender-wearing goofball step into his shoes temporarily.

This season hasn’t been perfect however. Here are a few things I wasn’t crazy about:

Where did the zombie’s go?

Carole Segal/The CW
Carole Segal/The CW

I got all excited about the black-veined virus Amara was leaving in her wake, especially when Sam was infected. It seemed like things were going to change, not just for the boys, but for world in general. I was looking forward to seeing the boys deal with a Walking Dead-like post-Apocalyptic America and trying to cure Sam on top of it, but that storyline just fizzled out after the second episode. I wish the writers had drawn it out more, have the boys search a little longer for the cure and watch society break down a bit first.

Oblivious public

After all the global supernatural upheaval that has taken place this season, how is it that the general public hasn’t taken notice? Why aren’t people demanding action from their government? I want to see more rioting in the streets, more empty playgrounds, more groceries stories with empty shelves. The Winchesters no longer exist in a bubble where they are the only ones aware of supernatural goings on and we should be seeing the results of that.

Amara trumps Lizzie Borden

Katie Yu/The CW
Katie Yu/The CW

I get it, regular ghosts just aren’t scary anymore. We the Supernatural fandom are no longer impressed by angry transparent people dressed in period clothing who can pass through walls. Creepy children wielding straight razors and dolls made with human hair just don’t do it for us anymore. Still, I don’t see why Amara had to highjack the Lizzy Borden storyline. It just seems rude! We had just seen her the episode before; we could have used a break in which to deal with the Lizzy ghost and stew about just how powerful Amara was getting in her absence.

Where the hell is Castiel?!

Carole Segal/The CW
Carole Segal/The CW

Am I missing something here? Is Misha Collins out job hunting or something, because he seems to be absent more than usual. Again, I think the writers wrapped up his witch curse storyline too quickly. I would have liked to see him struggle with it a bit longer. I would settle with just seeing him more often at this point though. I thought this would be the season Castiel would join Sam and Dean as a full-time hunter, but I guess he’s still caught up in a lot of angel business. Pity.

All in all though, I am intrigued as to where this season is going and I’m constantly amazed that after 11 years on the air, Supernatural still manages to keep their storylines feeling fresh and the stakes high.

What do you think of Season 11 so far? Let us know in the comments!

Supernatural returns to the CW on January 20, 2016.