Supernatural: Sam And His Sophie’s Choice

Diyah Pera/The CW

“Even the Bletchley Circle couln’t crack this thing!” — Charlie

I took advantage of the Easter hiatus to revisit my favourite episodes from Supernatural’s Season 1. It’s amazing that after ten years episodes like “Scarecrow” and “Asylum” still creep me out. Where as episodes like “Home”, where the brothers returned to their childhood home, and “Faith”, where Dean is miraculously cured by a faith healer, still move me. And the Winchester boys were so young and fresh-faced back then!

It goes without saying that the tone of Supernatural has changed since its first season. It was bit darker in its early days, a bit more angsty and edgy. Not to say that it’s not still pretty dark and twisty, but show doesn’t take itself so seriously anymore, and it is definitely more self-aware.

Take Sam for instance. In Season 1 he was a bright, young college student with a lot of anger running just under the surface. And he had a lot to be angry about: his brother and father were trying to suck him back into a life he was trying so hard to escape, the demon who killed his mother and girlfriend, the demon blood running through his veins.

Ten seasons later, though, Sam has grown up along with the show and he’s grown out of that anger. As he tells Charlie in “Book of the Damned,” he used to tell himself that each new job he and Dean worked would be his last. Ten years later, though, Sam and his brother are still on the case and he has made his peace with that, but Sam knows he can’t continue if Dean is not around to do it with him.

“I finally understand, this is my life now and I love it. But I don’t want to do it without my brother. I can’t.” — Sam

That’s a pretty major statement from a guy who, up until Season 8, gave every indication of wanting to eventually move on to a life without hunting. It’s kind of sad that Sam has given up on his dreams of returning to law school and settling down with a nice girl (as he did, briefly, while Dean was in Purgatory), but it does mark a new era in his relationship with his brother.

sam and rowena
Liane Hentscher/The CW


Back in Season 9, Sam was so mad that Dean had let an angel possess him so he could save his life that he practically disowned him. Now he knows what it’s like to want to save his brother at all costs, even at the cost of Dean’s love and respect. So I wasn’t surprised that, when Dean insisted Sam burn the Book of the Dead that Charlie worked so hard to unearth, Sam did a little slight of hand and secreted it away. I also wasn’t surprised that he went to Rowena for help. After all, she has almost as much of a motivation to cure Dean of his Mark as Sam does. Undoubtedly, they will pay a price for that information, not just for using the Book, but for trusting a slippery eel like Rowena, but then, that’s Supernatural for you. And if Dean is mad about it, well, he’ll just be the pot calling the kettle black!

By the way, is Charlie’s international relic hunt ripe for a spinoff or what? Just saying….

In other news…

  • Bad news: Metatron is loose with the Tablet!
  • Good news: the former Scribe of God is human now and therefore easier to kill. Also, Castiel has his grace back now, so yay.
  • Bad news: Big cuddly diaper-wearing cupids sometimes grow up to be beardy truckers with anger issues. Who knew?
  • Good news: I think this is the first episode – EVER – that we’ve seen Sam, Dean, Charlie, and Castiel in the same scene together. The boys (and girl) are back in town indeed.
  • Bad news: a bunch of Southern nut jobs called the Steins are now out for Winchester blood, because we all know they’re going to know the Book of the Dead hasn’t really been destroyed.

Next week’s episode looks to be full of twisty plots and double crossing bros, and is that Benny I see!? My prayers have been answered!!

Supernatural airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.