Supernatural: 9 Reasons To Be Excited About Season 11

Diyah Pera/The CW
Diyah Pera/The CW

True, we’ve only had a small taste of what Supernatural‘s 11th season has in store, but Episode 1 was enough to whet my appetite. After years of watching this show, I’ll admit it’s had its ups and downs. Some seasons of Supernatural have held my attention more than others. But now I feel like Supernatural is hitting it’s stride again. Here are the many reasons why the Season 11 premiere has me excited:

The Darkness

Supernatural has a new Big Bad and she is very mysterious. She’s completely devoid of the usual cartoonish villainy and her motivations are unclear. Since she broke out of whatever cage she was locked away in, there has been a rash of black neck veins and bad attitudes. So she’s definitely bad news. But then again, she did also save Dean’s life and transformed herself into an adorable and helpless baby girl with a familiar tattoo who Dean seems compelled to protect. What does it all mean?!


This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen zombies on Supernatural, but now it looks like they might have an extended story arc, which is very exciting. As with every monster they introduce, the Supernatural writers have put their own spin on things. These zombies aren’t just shambling mindless creatures who eat flesh, they’re very aggressive and not exactly dead. Should we even be calling them zombies?

Carole Segal/The CW
Carole Segal/The CW
Sam is infected

Speaking of which, Sam may be turning into a zombie himself soon. Unless he’s immune? I love that, right out of the gate, the stakes are high. This will definitely motivate the boys to find a cure for black veins quickly.

More “saving people”, less “hunting things”

Judging from the first episode of the season, it seems like we are returning to the more intelligent, investigative method of hunting the boys favoured in earlier seasons. As Sam said, they need to stop going in guns blazing and start making more of an effort to limit the number of human casualties they cause.

More Gore

Is it just me or has Supernatural gotten gorier? I suppose gore is subjective, but all the black veins and spurting blood we got in Episode 1 seemed more graphic than anything we’ve seen on this show in a while.


We have an Impala-centric episode to look forward to! It will be the fourth episode of the season, aptly named “Baby,” so keep your eyes out for it.

Death is dead

We’re bound to see some interesting consequences of Death’s death soon. Like more ghosts wandering around aimlessly perhaps? It seems that people can still die, but where do they go now and who takes them there? Surely someone or something will fill the void that Death has left in the universe.

Lucifer’s Cage

Did anyone catch what Crowley’s minion said to him about Lucifer’s cage? Something about stirrings in the cage and a rumour about The Darkness getting free? All I could think when I heard that was “Adam!” I don’t even want to say what I really hope is going to happen this season, because I’m afraid of jinxing it…


With The Darkness on the loose and folks turning into black-veined zombies, this season has a very dystopian feel to it, almost like the future Dean travelled to in Season 5. Fingers crossed!

Here’s a taste of what’s in store next episode.

What are you looking forward to in Season 11? Let us know in the comments!

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.