Supernatural: 7 guest stars we need back


Supernatural has a very small cast–I mean, it’s mostly Sam, Dean, and Castiel holding down the fort all the time, with a constant revolving door of guest stars. Some guest stars have stayed on longer than one episode though, and they managed to capture our hearts before they got killed off (or transported to an alternate universe). Because we’re now entering the holiday season and there are no new episodes to dish on, I’ve made a list of four favourites who I wish would make a reappearance. Check them out, add yours in below, and be sure to come back next week for three more! 

1. The Campbell Cousins – Where is it written that Sam and Dean can’t have any surviving family members? I’m not saying they have to hang out all the time, but it would have been nice to know that somewhere in the world the boys had some family still knocking about. They could have teamed up occasionally, and maybe provide more details about the badass hunter Mary Winchester (née Campbell) used to be. It could have been really great you guys!

2. Krissy Chambers – She kicks monster butt and looks adorable doing it, Dean first met this bite-sized hunter when her dad was kidnapped by a pair of Vetala and even he was impressed by her chutzpah. Later, in Season 8, she teamed up with a bunch of other monster-hunting kids. I think Krissy and her team deserve their own CW spin-off.


3. Benny LaFitte – I loved Benny so much. I loved his manly beard and I loved his Louisiana accent. I loved his fangs and his seaman’s cap. But most of all? I loved his bromance with Dean, which felt very fresh and real to me. Dean is usually so black and white about his relationships with monsters, but he and Benny formed a real bond in Purgatory when they had to watch each others’ backs. Their epic bromance ended when Dean had to choose between his friendship with Benny and Sam’s survival, which is a shame because I think the seafaring vamp added an interesting dynamic to the brothers’ relationship.


4. Meg #1 and #2 – Meg #1 (played by Nicki Aycox) was sassy and evil and badass. Meg #2 (played by Rachel Miner) was sassy and badass but not as evil. The thing that was so great about Meg is that you never saw her coming. One minute she was Sam’s hitchhiking kindred spirit, and suddenly she was slitting some trucker’s throat. She even hijacked Sam’s body once and took him for a joy ride. She went from being Sam and Dean’s worst enemy (working for the demon who killed their parents) to finding common ground with them about killing Crowley. In the end she made the ultimate sacrifice to save them, a complete but believable about-face for the character, and went out with a bang. Now we’ll never get to see her and Cas ahem order pizza.

What guest star would you like to see back on Supernatural? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for the rest of my list!

Supernatural returns from hiatus on January 20, 2015 at at 9 p.m., ET on the CW.