Superhero Fight Club: The ultimate DC showdown

The CW
The CW

The CW just knocked our socks off with an epic superhero face-off to promote the last few episodes of Arrow and The Flash.

The new promo shows that as a way of initiating Barry into the superhero club, Oliver brings him to a secret room in the former Queen Consolidated building where the two series’ greatest heroes and villains get together in a so-called “Superhero Fight Club” to “blow off steam.”

The only rule? There are no rules.

It’s a fun and seriously entertaining video to not only cap off two excellent seasons, but to garner some excitement for the last few remaining episodes. It also features a great send-off from the shows’ villains, plus a hilarious cameo from the Atom himself, Ray Palmer.

You can watch the ultimate showdown in the video below. Plus don’t forget that there’s another Arrow crossover on The Flash on April 14 when Ray and Felicity arrive in Central City for an “All Star Team Up.”

The Flash and Arrow air Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CTV and The CW.