Supergirl: A Change in Focus Would Be Great

Robert Falconer/The CW
Robert Falconer/The CW

Well I don’t know about you all, but it feels like it’s been forever since we had a new episode of Supergirl. Thankfully, the long hiatus is over and done with and the show returned Monday night with an episode directed by Kevin Smith. While I won’t lie, as soon as I saw Kara Danvers’ smiling face I couldn’t help but smile myself, there were still some troubling developments this week that are giving me pause and have me worried about the future.

Here’s the thing, the show is called Supergirl and yet, the focus continues to be on an alien that is not named Kara Zor-El. Mon-El has somehow stolen most of Kara’s storyline this season and that was once again the case in “Supergirl Lives.” For a show that’s supposed to be about Kara and what she’s doing, we’re spending so much time on Mon-El. Please Supergirl writers, just stop trying to make Mon-El happen. His continual screw ups, inability to listen to or follow any rule and apathy are not adorable qualities. Sure, I have nothing against Chris Wood, but the character has yet to win me over. At all. And yet, the writers insist on making him seem almost as important, if not more important, to the story than Kara herself. Why?

I may be singing a different tune about Mon-El if he actually showed some growth and development, but, it’s the same thing week after week. He never seems to learn his lesson, and while the writers keep taunting us with this mystery surrounding whether or not he may be royalty, it’s gotten to where I just don’t care. Sure, all signs point to him actually being the prince but again I don’t care. Not only has the entire Mon-El story stolen focus from Kara’s arc this season, it’s also meant less screen time for characters like J’onn who barely registered this week.

Robert Falconer/The CW
Robert Falconer/The CW

Unfortunately, now that Mon-El has decided he’d like to be a superhero it doesn’t look like the show is going to veer off this course any time soon. While I find it admirable that Mon-El wants to be more like Kara (hello who of us doesn’t?), I can’t help but wonder if he’s got an ulterior motive, especially since he knows the Dominators will bow to him. I also wish the show would drop the hints of romance it’s trying to brew between Mon-El and Kara and keep them to a more sibling-like relationship. If they did that then that may be one way I could actually deal with having him around so much.

The sad part is, the small glimpses where we got movement in Kara’s story this week prove just how badly it’s been missing. It was great to see Snapper back and Kara having to focus on her work at Cat Co. It’s been a part of the second season that’s been missing, and to see her get to prove herself in a position she worked so hard to get in the first season was really great. Also, the Supergirl writers used Kara to again deliver what felt like a very timely message in wake of the Women’s marches that took place this past weekend, when she laid out for Mon-El why she wasn’t about to lay down and stop fighting.

“I believe you keep fighting, whether you’re stuck on another world, whether or not you have your powers. You never give in.” – Kara

Thankfully, there were bright spots this week as well, namely when it came to Maggie and Alex’s new relationship. The opening scene of Sanvers blissfully enjoying a morning together was quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Alex getting to be truly happy is something I think all viewers have wanted for her and she seemed to have found that in Maggie. She deserves it and has went through a lot to get to this point. I’m glad the writers let us, as well as Alex and Maggie, revel in that afterglow for a bit.


Almost as great as seeing Alex and Maggie so happy was seeing Kara herself so overly happy and excited for her sister. Kara’s reaction at Sanvers and Alex’s happiness spoke for a lot of viewers and her positive and supportive reactions continue to be a blessing. Another great development, albeit a small one, was Kara reaching out to Maggie for help regarding the missing girl. As great as Sanvers has been, it’s been most of Maggie’s purpose on the show thus far, so it was wonderful for that character’s development to see her interacting with others on the show outside of Alex.

As quickly as the Sanvers happiness breezed in this episode it almost was taken away from us when Alex freaked out about Kara going missing. Thankfully, she owned up to her mistakes and Maggie proved why she is such a good detective, revealing that she knew the truth about Supergirl’s identity. I’m grateful to have that cat out of the bag and can’t stand when show’s keep secrets about identity under wraps for way too long until things just become ludicrous. Now with Kara’s secret known to Maggie, Sanvers can hopefully move onto more important issues in their relationship.

Regardless of the issues I had this week–yes, I still audibly groan when Guardian comes on screen–it was so great to have Supergirl back. It’s such an important show and is promoting such a positive message that I don’t think I realized just how much I had missed it over the hiatus. Now, if only the writers would realize this is Kara’s show, not Mon-El’s, and shift the focus to Kara over the course of the second half then I’ll really be happy. Until then, let’s all just grab a plate of pot stickers and put those Sanvers scenes on repeat until the show returns next week.


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