Supergirl: 9 1/2 Reasons to Be Excited for Season 5

Dean Buscher/The CW
Dean Buscher/The CW

Friends, Season 5 of Supergirl premieres on Sunday, and I cannot effing wait! I know you probably clicked on this article and expected to see 11 Lena gifs with one sentence underneath each about how amazing she is, but, believe it or not, there’s more that I’m looking forward to in Season 5 than just Lena.

I hope you were sitting down when you read that.

Anyway, my mind has been a mishmash of all things Supergirl ever since Lena pulled that bottle of wine out of her purse…and then slammed her glass of scotch down on that picture of her and her besties, since Kelly and Alex got snuggly outsize of J’onn’s detective agency, and we found out that Supergirl’s new supersuit would be more styish and practical than ever. Here are just a few things I’m looking forward to when the show returns Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW and Showcase.


Series Regular Andrea Brooks

Andrea Brooks is now a series regular, and I cannot wait to see what that means for Season 5. She was such a bright point in Season 4 as Eve Tessmacher — from her undying devotion to Lena to her eventual betrayal of Lena because of undying devotion to Lex to her betrayal of everything in National City because of her ties to Leviathan. She’s evolved from a ditzy blonde who Mon-El canoodles with in the copy room to being possibly one of the most important parts of the story. Eve was genuinely such a delight for me in Season 4, and more time with her can only mean good things. And I can’t help but wonder if Brooks’ real-life pregnancy (congratulations from all of us at TTVJ, Andrea, even though I know you won’t read this!) will be written into the storyline. Could she be pregnant with a little Luthor, either from an old-fashioned dalliance with Lex or some fun times with Otis Graves in the back of his van? Or maybe even a surprise Harun-El pregnancy, courtesy of Lena? I mean, a surprise on Eve’s part. Lena would obviously know what she was doing.

Hit me with your best shot...except not really, because you were aiming at Lena.
Hit me with your best shot…except not really, because you were aiming at Lena.

Pants! Pants! Pants!

That’s right, fresh off of Red Daughter’s comment that Kara “[flies] around in a cheerleader skirt,” Season 5 brings a shiny new supersuit…different than the one Lena made her, sure, but pants nonetheless. The way this show is going, between Kara’s new suit, Lena’s Cate Blanchett-style power suits, and Alex’s tactical gear, no one is going to be in a skirt or dresses anymore. It’s gonna be pants and culottes as far as the eye can see. PANTS! PANTS! PANTS!

Come on and hit me with your best shot…because now you’re wearing pants and have much better mobility for fighting!

Ladies’ Night Every Week

Supergirl is at its best when it lets the ladies of the show take the lead, and I really am looking forward to seeing more of that. They’ve crafted such strong, unique women on the show, and it just works better when they’re front and center. Along with this, I’d love to see some unconventional pairings. Let me see Dreamer and Lena saving the world (and Brainy can even come along for the ride). Let Supergirl and Kelly work up the psychological profile of a metahuman so they can figure out their next move. Cut to Eve and Alex working together to bring down Leviathan, all behind Supergirl’s back. The characters and actors are so strong (and the chemistry is such between them) that I fully believe they can make anything work. 

Ah, Young Love

Listen, I know the characters themselves aren’t exactly Legacies young, but their relationship is, and I am ALL IN on Kelly and Alex. I appreciate the fact that it was a slow build and the fact that Kelly was never and will never be just Alex’s girlfriend. I realize that Alex was a different person when she started to fall for Kelly — being forced to forget that her sister is Supergirl really just rewrote a lot of the person she was and — but maybe that was for the better, at least for her and Kelly’s relationship. Alex was forced to lean on Kelly in a way she wouldn’t have if Kara had been around (or if Alex had known where she was), and trusting people isn’t something that Agent Danvers does easily. I’m excited to see Alex show Kelly a different side of herself, because even during the majority of the adoption storyline, she was always the capable Agent Danvers. I want Kelly to meet the Alex who’s a little bit insecure, who loves Barenaked Ladies (the band), who’s pretty into bare-naked ladies (in bed with her), and who makes an adorable scrunched-up face when she’s with someone she’s comfortable around. And whose butt feels just fine, thank you.

Hit me with your best shot…and by “shot,” I mean your mouth, and by “hit,” I mean “kiss.”

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger Be a Good Person?

I sometimes think my relationship with my mother is complicated, but it’s got nothing on Lena and her mom. Give me more Lillian Luthor, my friends. I will take it all. Season 4 opened with Lena trying to be nicer to her mother (while also simultaneously using her for information) and then buying the prison where Lillian was being kept so she could strongarm her into saving James (with a little poison as motivation), saw Lillian admit that she loved Lena and then had them working together to take down Lex, only to end with Lena finding out that her mother knew that Kara was Supergirl and didn’t tell her. I legitimately have no idea where things will go, or even what I want more — will Lena forgive her mother (what with betrayal being a Luthor family trait), will she cut Lillian out of her life (again), or will she leverage this knowledge into gaining the upper hand with an unsuspecting Lillian? Oh, and will Lillian be back in prison, or will her jailbreak be binding, even now that Lex is “dead”? So many possibilities, and I’m ready for Brenda Strong to show me all of them.


Sweet Dreamers are made of these

I’ll be honest, Season 3 was a little rough for me. It shook the faith I had in this show with regards to how it treated its ladies, which made me extra nervous when I found out Nicole Maines was going to play transgender superhero Dreamer, AKA Nia Nal. But Supergirl absolutely, 100% proved my concerns were unfounded as Nia and Dreamer fangirled over Kara, wrestled with accepting and then growing into her powers, and slowly and oh-so-sweetly falling in love with Brainy…and very little of it was about her being transgender. The show created a superhero who happens to be transgender woman, not a transgender woman who happens to be a superhero, a misstep shows often make when dealing with marginalized folks, especially queer ones. Her story arc in Season 4 was a high point for me, and I cannot wait to see what she and Maines have in store for us in Season 5. It was just so nice to see a superhero so…geeked about just being a superhero.

All aboard the self-flying plane to Lena Luthor angst…

Listen, I want Lena to be happy. I do. Obviously, I think she deserves it, what with her being a good person and all. She finally was starting to shake the stranglehold her adopted family had over her (you know, by shooting her brother), only to be told that her found family had been lying to her from the beginning. That shit will fuck you up. The only person at this point in time who hasn’t betrayed her is Kelly, and that’s only because Kelly just got here like two minutes ago. Spokespeople for the show say that Season 5 is “a fight for Lena’s soul,” but all of us Lenasexuals know that Lena is a good person, so there’s really not that much of a fight…but it could make for some delicious storytelling along the way.

rage rage
I think Lena just watched Episode 3 of Secret Bridesmaids’ Business.

…As long as it’s a round-trip ticket

I’m all for Kara and Lena really taking the time to things out properly and having a bumpy road along the way, but if I believe in the characters the way the showrunners have created them, I know that there’s no way they’d be out of each other’s lives forever. It will obviously be a rough road to get there, and I don’t know that she’ll ever truly forget what Kara did to her, but I do think she’ll forgive her. Eventually. And along the way, I believe that even though she’ll be shutting Kara and Alex down, she’ll never truly abandon them. So all of the angst and the fighting for Lena’s soul will be worth it when we finally see Brainy, Nia, Kelly, the Danvers sisters, and Lena sit down for a game night in which Lena absolutely mops the floor with all of them in every single game they play. Even Golden Girls trivia and Mario Kart. I just want Lena to not feel like she’s alone in the world.


Unboxing Lena Luthor

And how will Lena work through all of her baggage with Kara and her families? Time to rip open those boxes, my good-hearted friend, and start going through all of the shit that you jammed in there. Even though it would probably be a conflict of interest, I’d love to see her go to therapy with Kelly and really work on her boxes, most of which started getting full by watching her mother die at such a young age. We could end up with a happier, calmer, more well-adjusted Lena by the end of the season. Still just as smart, but a little…softer. More aware of and open to the chemistry that surrounds her when she opens that box marked “Kara Danvers.” It sure would be nice to get a happy Lena as end game, even if it just means that she’s just hugging her bestie with her legs in friendship.


The show is called Supergirl

Seems like every guy who’s ever even sneezed towards the Superman suit is bring brought in for the crossover, but if they don’t have Laura Vandervoort and (especially) Helen Slater suit up as Supergirl, well, it’s really a missed opportunity. Big mistake. Big. Huge. Also, why is Superman in the intro and not all of the series regulars? I’ll tell you why. The Patriarchy. Anyway, both of these things would delight me to no end — give me Helen Slater as Kara Danvers and replace Superman with — I don’t know — Lena in the intro. Boom. Instant girl power.

Speaking of this powerhouse duo, seeing Eliza help Lena work through her angst about the betrayal would delight me to no end — I love me some Lillian, but you can’t convince me that anyone has been more of a mother figure to Lena in the past few years than Eliza Danvers. She knows Lena, she loves Lena, but she also knows the importance and necessity of keeping a difficult secret. She knows what it’s like to love complicated people (Jeremiah Danvers, anyone?), and she’s perfectly equipped to navigate Lena through the heartache she’s feeling right now. And I’d love to see her and Lillian go toe to toe in that fight for Lena’s soul.


In case you couldn’t tell, I am pretty excited about Season 5 of Supergirl, and I didn’t even get into the possibilities that newbies Julie Gonzalo, Staz Nair, Meaghan Rath, Cara Buono, and Mitch Pileggi could bring. Oh, and maybe we’ll find out what “Lex was supposed to move the needle; he failed” meant. And did the line “a phantom to your people” mean J’onn’s Martian brother was in the Phantom Zone, like Kara was for so many years?

Also, Lena Luthor is a good person.



Anyway, are you as excited as I am? What are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below!

Supergirl Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 6 at 9 p.m. ET on the CW and Showcase.