Supergirl Review: Truth Is Always The Best Option

Bettina Strauss/The CW
Bettina Strauss/The CW

Everyone knows that when it comes to the world of television, secrets will only cause you problems. In fact, sometimes the fear about what will happen when a secret is revealed is far worse and causes far more damage than actually revealing said secret. Thankfully, on this week’s midseason finale of Supergirl, the characters all seemed to be aware of this rule and decided that instead of going the way of many doomed CW characters before them, they were just going to come out and address these secrets head on. I mean what a novel idea and you know what? As it turns out, it actually worked in their favor!

First things first, Mama Danvers is in town for Thanksgiving and she seems to be the last stop on Alex’s coming out tour. As we’ve seen her do the last few weeks, Alex has figured out that it’s best to no longer bottle in her true feelings, but instead let them out, as she has told both Kara and Maggie what she’s thinking and feeling. Alex’s journey this season has far and away been the best thing about Supergirl Season 2 and this week did nothing to dissuade my feelings about that. However, whenever parents are involved it’s only natural to feel some apprehension, and the nerves were finally starting to get to Alex.

Thankfully, Eliza knew something was off about her daughter right away and got straight to the point, asking if this had something to do with Maggie. You see, Alex didn’t have to come out to her mother, because like all good mothers, Eliza already sensed what her daughter was going to tell her. Eliza’s speech to Alex about leading “a regular life” and her acceptance of her daughter was important on so many levels. Imagine if all queer youths that come out to their family heard a similar message. The world would be such a better place if messages of love, kindness and acceptance like the one Eliza gave Alex were being spread. Hopefully the many parents watching this episode of Supergirl with their children take note, because Eliza Danvers, that was perfect.

Eliza: “Why is it so hard for you to tell me?”

Alex: “I feel like I’m letting you down somehow.”

Eliza: “Why would you being gay ever let me down?”

Alex: “You always wanted me to have a regular life.”

Eliza:  “Alex look at the life our family has led. Look at me and look at your sister. I don’t think you believe I ever expected you to have a regular life. You were always going to be different Alex because you were always exceptional, and I love you, however you are.”

After successfully coming out to her mother, Alex had a newfound confidence on display that Maggie couldn’t help but notice. As Wynonna Earp taught us earlier this year, chicks dig scars and a near death experience had Maggie ready to confess her secret to Alex. Now don’t get me wrong, while I’m 100 per cent on board the Sanvers train, I have to admit I was hoping the slow burn romance would take a little while longer. They’ve been doing things so right with this story that having Maggie and Alex kiss so quickly after last week’s “let’s be friends” moment felt a bit too fast for me. That being said, when Maggie Sawyer shows up with pizza and beer and says things like “we should kiss the girls that we want to kiss, and I really just want to kiss you” it’s pretty impossible not to swoon.

All in all, Alex had a very successful midseason finale which meant that little sister Kara was dealing with a lot more trouble. Thankfully though the Supergirl writers sidelined the James and Guardian storyline in favor of the return of Lena Luthor. Katie McGrath and her portrayal of Lex’s sister has been in far too short supply for me as of late and seeing her back in full force this week was such a welcome sight. McGrath has done a great job at keeping Lena, and her true motives, a mystery up until this point and her chemistry with Benoist and Kara seems to ooze off the screen. Sure, the writers seem hell bent on pairing Kara and Mon-El up, but after this week I’m more curious than ever to see where Kara and Lena’s “friendship” goes.

Even better than just the return of McGrath, we were also finally given a long awaited showdown between Lena and her evil mother Lillian. Brenda Strong has been such a delicious villain to have around this season and I look forward to her scenes every week with such giddy anticipation. Lillian’s visit to Lena’s office this week did not disappoint me in the slightest. Lillian not only flat out admitted to liking Lex more than Lena, but Lena just took it in stride and didn’t back down. Is there anything better than watching two smart, capable, confident women face off against each other? Add in a complicated family history and I was ready to bust out the popcorn!

Once the DEO discovered that Cadmus would need L Corp’s help in distributing the Medusa virus, it was nice to Supergirl go directly to Lena and spill the beans about who her mother truly was. While we now know that Lena was on Supergirl’s side all along, it was still hard to watch the pair trade barbs and then watch Lena join forces with Lillian. As I said, McGrath has kept Lena’s true motives up in the air until this point and Lena’s actions here backstabbing her mother, certainly seem to prove that she’s “one of the good guys.” That doesn’t mean there’s still not a nagging in the back of my mind signalling that I wouldn’t be totally shocked if she’s playing Supergirl and the rest of us. I mean she IS a Luthor after all.

Unfortunately, because this was the midseason finale, all us Supergirl fans are going to have to wait far too long to get any answers about Lena and what she really wants from a friendship with Kara. Lillian may also be caught for the moment, but I’m certainly hoping she’s not officially down and out for Season 2. Maybe over the winter break the writers can once and for all ditch the stories that just aren’t working this year (Guardian I’m looking directly at you!) and bring back the ones that Supergirl is just knocking out of the park (Sanvers, Cadmus, L Corp). Regardless, Season 2 of Supergirl has been such a gift on so many levels and I may already be counting down the days until it returns in the new year.


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