When is the Valorant Patch 5.05 Release Date?

Wondering when Patch 5.05 will be released? We have you covered.

Although Episode 5 Act 2 was released less than a week ago, it is maybe not surprising that many players are curious about the upcoming update. Patch 5.04 included no significant gameplay changes.

As such, the Valorant Patch 5.05 release date is detailed below.

When is the Valorant Patch 5.05 Release Date?

At the time of publishing, there have been no official statements or leaks on when Patch 5.05 will be officially released in Valorant.

However, Riot Games conducted a PBE test for Patch 5.05 over the weekend, so it should be released within the next week.

As the aforementioned PBE focuses on "overall Patch stability," it looks that Patch 5.05 will not include anything particularly significant once more.

On Twitter, however, @valorantleaksEN reported that the predicted Avoid List icons were really added to the game files by Patch 5.05 PBE.

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