Uma Pemmaraju, Original Fox News anchor dies at 64 years old

Pemmaraju was one of the on-air hosts at the inauguration of Fox News in 1996. Tuesday, the network reported her passing (9 August.)

Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News Media, stated in a statement, "We are very grieved by the passing of Uma Pemmaraju, who was one of FOX News Channel's original anchors

"Uma was an extraordinarily accomplished journalist as well as a kind and charming individual, most known 


The reason for death was not reported immediately.

Before moving to New York, where Fox News is situated, she worked at local stations in Baltimore, Maryland, and Boston, Massachusetts (where she was an anchor at WBZ-TV).

Pemmaraju was born in India in 1958 but reared in Texas, where she began her television career. 

David Wade, a journalist for a television network, tweeted that Pemmaraju's relatives had characterized her as a "great spirit and pioneer"

In 1993, Pemmaraju told The Boston Globe about her media job, "I'm a conduit for helping others." I do not like to appear overly nostalgic.

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