Trent Dilfer Names The 'Craziest' College Football Rule

Numerous restrictions in college football, both on and off the field, irritate football fans and experts around the nation.

For former NFL player Trent Dilfer, there is one regulation that he finds particularly irritating.

During his first episode of LeverUp, Dilfer criticised college football's "20-hour rule," which limits coaches' time with players to 20 hours per week.

Dilfer stated, "The 20-hour rule is ludicrous." The fact that a college coach has just 20 hours per week to work with his players.

Dilfer suggested that abolition of the rule would do wonders for player development, since coaches would be the dominant influence in their life.

If you had all the time you needed to develop that talent and they were in your facility, who would be their principal voice? Their coaching personnel.

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