The thief who stole $10 million worth of jewellery from Kim Kardashian blames her: "She was wasting money."

After stealing millions of dollars' worth of jewellery from Kim Kardashian, a criminal has played the Uno reverse card against her in an attempt to shift the responsibility.

Yunis Abbas was one of the perpetrators of the 2016 Paris hotel heist in which Kim Kardashian's jewellery, including a $4 million, 20-carat engagement ring given to her by her now-ex-husband Kanye West, was stolen.

During the terrifying incident, Kim Kardashian was tied, gagged, and held at gunpoint as a band of masked men rifled through her jewellery boxes and made off with an enormous haul of jewels and two mobile phones.

They got access to her hotel room by frightening the building concierge, Abdulrahman, with a knife.

And now Yunis, who served nearly two years in prison for his involvement in the burglary, has accused the celebrity, claiming that Kim Kardashian's display of wealth inspired the theft.

He told Vice News, "Since she was throwing away money, I was there to collect it. Guilty? No, I don't care."

Celebrities who flaunt their money online should "be a bit less ostentatious towards others who can't afford it," he said.

Yunis, one of twelve persons charged in connection with the event, stated that the gang utilised the Internet to locate Kim Kardashian.

He disclosed that he remained downstairs as the gang invaded the celebrity's room.