The legendary boxer Earnie Shavers has died at age 78

Earnie Shavers, possibly the most destructive boxer in history, reportedly passed suddenly the day after his 78th birthday.

Shavers, a mainstay of the 1970s-1980s golden period of heavyweight boxing, was acknowledged by his peers as an unparalleled knockout artist.

In a career that stretched over 35 years, he accumulated a record of 74-14-1 (68 KO), most notably defeating Ken Norton in 1:58.

In their rematch, the overhand right he delivered to Holmes may have been the hardest punch ever delivered.

Any individual on the globe other than Holmes would still be sleeping.

Shavers took to preaching after retiring from boxing, though he also tried out for the part of Clubber Lang.

According to both Stallone brothers, during sparring, Stallone was unable to withstand more than a single strike from.

According to all accounts, "The Acorn" was both a very unique force in the ring and a truly wonderful man outside of it. We wish the best to his family.

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