Surprising personality traits that indicate a High IQ

Beginning with the obvious, many intelligent individuals like becoming lost in a good book. Additionally, reading has been shown to boost IQ.

Reading a lot

The Dunning-Kruger effect originated with the revelation that the most proficient students underestimated their competency because they perceived the assignments to be simple.


Studies indicate that those with a higher IQ are better able to control impulses, often due to a stronger sense of planning, objectives, and foresight.


A high IQ has been associated with insatiable curiosity, which makes sense because it corresponds with a desire for learning.


Introverts, celebrate! A 2016 study published in the British Journal of Psychology reveals that brighter people gain less pleasure from socializing than the average person.

Happy to be alone

As a result of their propensity to break or bend conventions, thought patterns, and traditions, many eminently clever people have been deemed eccentric or conceited.

Thinking outside the box

A messy desk was always believed to indicate a cluttered mind, but more recent research indicates the reverse is true.


The lifestyle of late nights and later mornings is commonly viewed as the opposite of success

Night Owl

Those with higher IQs are more receptive to new ideas regarding their opinions.