Jackson will be without flowing water for an unforeseen period of time: Governor of Mississippi

The governor of Mississippi indicated Monday night that residents in the state's capital might be without running water for an unforeseen period of time.

Jackson will be without dependable flowing water until it is rectified, which may affect 180,000 people.

According to Reeves, the city won't be able to supply enough water to meet pressing demands like putting out fires and flushing toilets.

Due to the water scarcity, all Jackson Public Schools will switch to virtual instruction starting on Tuesday, according to the school system.

When the main pump will be fixed has not been specified. Residents will receive both potable and non-drinkable water from officials, according to Reeves.

The governor was notified on Friday that Jackson wouldn't be able to supply all of its citizens with enough water.

State authorities will be able to assist Jackson more effectively if Reeves declares a state of emergency, which he is already doing.

The city stated on Twitter that it is not turning off water to its citizens and that the water scarcity is only anticipated to last a few days.

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