Famous people who died of alcoholism

Billie Holiday is widely regarded as one of the most important female jazz and blues performers.

Billie Holiday

He died at the age of 58 in 1984 owing to an intracerebral haemorrhage. Due to drunkenness, his health had been worsening for several years.

Richard Burton

The baseball icon Mickey Mantle is largely recognized as the best switch-hitter in history. Additionally, he was a very strong drinker for many years.

Mickey Mantle

He died in 1969 after being brought to the hospital when, while drinking whiskey, he began vomiting blood.

Jack Kerouac

The coroner's inquiry found that Bonham had been on a drinking binge the day before he died, and accounts indicate that he began the day with 16 vodka shots for breakfast.

John Bonham

Haemorrhages caused by drunkenness were the cause of his death. He was only 29 years old when he passed away.

Hank Williams

The 50-year-old Sullivan's Travels (1941) actress passed away in 1973. Her death was caused by severe hepatitis and acute renal damage.

Veronica Lake

During a break, while filming 'Gladiator,' English actor Oliver Reed died of a heart attack (2000).

Oliver Reed

Peter Cook was a prominent English comedian with a career in British television and movies. He battled alcoholism for most of his life.

Peter Cook