Even Anand Mahindra noticed how funny this Tesla vs. Mahindra meme is

Any firm entering the electric car industry will inevitably be compared to Tesla. 

Since Tesla opted to postpone its India entrance aspirations, these comparisons have been overwhelmingly favorable for Anand Mahindra's firm.

This Tesla versus Mahindra joke is so entertaining that even Anand Mahindra has noticed.

Monday, Anand Mahindra released a video showcasing the five electric SUVs, of which the first four are slated to hit the road between 2024 and 2026. 

Mahindra is currently absent from the electric passenger vehicle market, whereas Tesla is the world's leading electric carmaker.

The revelation of Mahindra's participation prompted one Twitter user to share a humorous joke. 

"Tesla is not coming to India," the meme said, followed by an image of actor Pankaj Tripathi and the words "Hum karte hai Prabandh, Chinta mat kariye. It does not need to be concerned. I'll organize anything)."

Mahindra responded to this joke about his company's e-SUVs with a smiling face emoji, indicating his amusement.

Monday, Anand Mahindra announced that the moment had come to enter the electric car market.