Bad hygiene practices you didn't know about

Date: 17 August 2024

It might be tempting to bring your phone to the bathroom and scroll through social media, but cell phones soak up a great deal of germs that you will then spread to other regions (including your face).

Using your phone on the toilet

It may seem like a good idea to remove extra earwax, but it generally causes more harm than good.

Using Q-Tips

Your scalp generates natural oils that are essential for healthy, lustrous hair, and shampooing removes debris and excess oil. However, if you do this too frequently, your hair may become dry and less glossy.

Washing hair every day

Likewise, neglecting to wash your hair is a terrible habit. Additionally, germs will ultimately block your hair follicles, which might result in an illness. 

Never washing hair

Hand washing is essential for maintaining our health and preventing the spread of disease. Remember to often wash your hands, particularly after touching potentially contaminated objects.

Not washing hands often

Sharing razors is a poor idea since it may spread skin illnesses such as staph and, in the worst-case scenario, viruses such as hepatitis and HIV.

Sharing Razor

It is easy to be sloppy when brushing your teeth, especially when you are half sleepy in the morning. However, ensure that you brush for two full minutes, twice day. This is the bare minimum.

Insufficient tooth brushing

Sleeping with contact lenses might irritate the eyes. In the worst-case situation, though, it may cause a corneal abrasion or infection. Therefore, ensure that you give your eyes a break from them.

Sleeping with contact lenses on

If you keep your toothbrush next to the toilet, you expose yourself to the possibility of cross-contamination. When the toilet is flushed, an invisible cloud of small particles is released.

Keeping toothbrush near toilet