A man who flaunted a snake around his neck Gets Bitten to Death

A guy who "showed off" by putting a poisonous snake around his neck has died after being bitten by the snake.

The farmer who had been carrying the snake around his neck was bitten by it.

In the Uttar Pradesh hamlet of Maruajhala, the 50-year-old farmer Devendra Mishra captured an extremely poisonous common krait snake creeping around a neighbour's home.

Mishra was well-known in the village for capturing snakes.

After capturing the ordinary krait on August 19, a witness told the newspaper that he "began to brag and paraded about the town with the snake wrapped around his neck."

The snake catcher recorded himself with the poisonous reptile wrapped around his neck and even wrapped it around a 5-year-old girl's neck.

An hour after the farmer captured the snake, it bit him. Mishra sought to treat the poison with natural remedies, but he passed away on the evening of 20 August.

Around 200 snakes were captured by the farmer in the village.

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