12-year-old boy shoots 13-year-old at a school in California

Authorities said that a 12-year-old child shot another youngster at a Northern California school on Monday, and he was taken into custody as a result.

After being shot on Monday afternoon at Madison Park Academy, the 13-year-old boy remained stable, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong informed reporters.

According to NBC Bay Area, it was unclear whether the suspect attended the school in the city's Sobrante Park area.

Armstong said that he was taken into custody by police "fast and safely."

Armstrong said there was no clear motivation.

According to Armstrong, there have been 83 killings in the city as of Monday, two less than during the same period previous year.

There were no quick updates on the shooting, and a call for comment from a representative went unanswered.

Six people have been killed recently in Oakland, a city of less than 500,000 people east of San Francisco, including a triple homicide on Friday

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