10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses in 2024

Sydney Bernice Sweeney is a 1997 Spokane, Washington-born Hollywood actress.

10. Sydney Sweeney

Ariel Winter Workman is an American-born child actor and voice actress who debuted in commercials.

9. Ariel Winter Workman

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence was born in 1990 and is another of Hollywood's most gorgeous actresses and models.

8. Jennifer Lawrence

One of the sexiest young celebrity women, Emma Roberts, was born in 1991 and is a popular American actress, model, and singer.

7. Emma Roberts

Charlotte Ann McKinney was born in Orlando, Florida, in the year 1993. She is supposedly a full-time model and Instagram-famous Hollywood actor.

6. Charlotte McKinney

Another lovely Hollywood actress, Margot Elise Robbie, was born in Dalby, Australia, on 2 July 1990.

5. Margot Robbie

Elizabeth Chase Olsen is fourth among the most attractive actresses in Hollywood. One of the prettiest Hollywood actresses started her acting debut at three.

4. Elizabeth Olsen

While compiling a list of the most attractive Hollywood actresses in 2024, we cannot omit one of the world's most gorgeous actresses, Dakota Johnson.

3. Dakota Johnson

Sophie Belinda Turner is an actor, narrator, and producer born in England. She is among the top two of Hollywood's ten most attractive actresses in 2024.

2. Sophie Turner

One of the sexiest actresses in the world, Alexandra Anna Daddario, will be Hollywood's most beautiful actress by 2024.

1. Alexandra Daddario